SommerCable TT Phone

The TT-Phone studio patch panel strives to be a groundbreaking solution for purist, analog & digital studio environments that don't want to compromise on quality and functionality. This high-quality patch panel is specifically designed for professional music or home studio and broadcast applications, offering a combination of high packing density and robust construction for a long life even under demanding conditions. The sockets with palladium-silver plated, self-cleaning contacts guarantee the best signal transmission and durability. Each socket has five solder lugs that allow flexible connections in all normalization variants.

For a clear and simple handling, the patch panel has fixtures at the top and bottom for labeling with 9 mm high paper strips. This allows you to keep track of your cabling arrangements at all times. A built-in strain relief bracket on the rear side provides added stability and protection for the connectors. With only 1 HU (height unit), the PBA1-TT96-S patch panel offers a space-saving solution with 96 patch points that can be seamlessly integrated into any rack.

The SYC1-3501 module offers 16 patch points on a module measuring just 1 WU (width unit) for installation in SYSBOXX housings or the SYSPAN5-XL 1 HU rack tray. On the rear side, four 14-pin tray connectors are available for cabling arrangements with the SYSBOXX ribbon cable system - system cabling of TT-Phone panels has never been easier and more flexible! Jumpers can be used to define all normalization and grounding variants for each channel. In addition to the patch panel and SYSBOXX modules, the solder socket is available as a single HI-TT-PHONE-F plug, allowing flexible adaptations and extensions to any studio cabling system.