elysia xpector

elysia xpector front

With the xpector, elysia offers a compact monitoring solution perfectly tailored to modern producers who mainly work with headphones. The xpector provides two excellent Class-A headphone amplifiers with a mix function for two stereo sources, as well as sophisticated features for engineers and producers. These include various listening-modes, a trim function for aligning the signal levels and dedicated balanced outputs for active speakers. There is a separate headphone output for artists, which enables latency-free monitoring and even has a high and low shelf EQ to adjust the headphone sound to personal requirements.

elysia xpector rear

With the loop outputs of the two separately mixable stereo inputs, the audio signal can be passed on to subsequent devices. This way, individual monitor mixes for more than one musician or additional connections for recording can be realized also without any latency. Due to elysia's qube chassis, specially adapted for the xpector, a wide range of audio connectivity is achieved. The ultra-portable device thus offers high-end headphone sound wherever it is needed.

The xpector will be available in August 2024. The price will be 1099.- EUR.