Steinberg X-Stream

Steinberg X Stream

Steinberg has today announced the immediate availability of X-Stream for HALion, which transforms samples into a colorful spectrum of sounds by stretching, looping and manipulating in innovative new ways. X-Stream can twist, turn, slow down and reveal the intimate beauty of any sample with cutting-edge spectral algorithms and effects. It’s a new toolbox for extraordinary sound design, or perhaps the first spark for new and unusual beats. X-Stream takes samples or complete tracks and returns them twisted into endless new inspirational ideas.

“With X-Stream, you can unfold the full spectrum of possible sounds from your sample collection,” says Senior Marketing Manager Florian Haack. “Hit play and your sample transforms into something new and beautiful, with different tones, colors and textures. It also works perfectly as a drone machine for ambient music, making it a creative tool for imaginative composers and sound designers in all genres. And all of that comes for free.”

X-Stream is available for free by registering through the Steinberg website and runs with HALion 7.1 or the free HALion Sonic 7.1 update. Customers interested in HALion 7 can purchase the software at a 50% discount until the end of July 2024.

Key Features:

  • Drag and drop: Turn any samples into smooth evolving soundscapes and textures
  • Craft abstract drones and effects for scores, games and electronic music
  • Works with all versions of HALion in a wide variety of DAWs
  • More than 100 presets from a special sound design team around the globe