RME presents the MADIface XT II, a 394-channel 192 kHz USB 3.0 audio interface with comprehensive connectivity and control options for live and studio work. Compared to its predecessor MADIface XT, the MADIface XT II features updated digital and analog circuitry and surpasses the first generation with significantly improved analog and digital performance.

The MADIface XT was the world's first USB 3.0 audio interface at the time of its release and impressed with its combination of an extremely high channel count, comprehensive connectivity and a compact desktop housing. With two practical mic/line preamps (XLR/TRS combo inputs), two balanced XLR line outputs, a stereo line headphone output, a variety of digital signal options (MADI coaxial and optical, MIDI/AES, word clock) as well as an additional PCI Express connection, the MADIface XT left nothing to be desired in terms of connectivity.

The successor MADIface XT II maintains this successful formula and surpasses the signal values of its predecessor in numerous areas. Among other things, the MADIface XT II convinces with a higher signal-to-noise ratio and a lower THD value during AD conversion.

Furthermore the maximum balanced line output level of the XLR line outputs has been increased from +15 dBu to +24 dBu. The stereo headphone output of the MADIface XT II also delivers a significantly higher output level of +19 dBu and with an output impedance of 1 Ohm significantly more power than its predecessor. All outputs also have several switchable level options.

On the new digital board the previous analog mini-DIN socket for remote control of individual functions has been replaced by an ARC USB remote port which enables comprehensive control of the MADIface XT II with the optional ARC USB. The MADIface XT II also offers the Room EQ known from the Fireface UFX III with nine parametric bands for use in surround setups for up to 20 mono output channels.

With the latest SteadyClock FS the MADIface XT II features RME's latest clock and jitter rejection technology. Based on a femto clock, SteadyClock FS reduces the intrinsic jitter
of the MADIface XT II to an absolute minimum and filters clock jitter efficiently from as low as 1 Hz.

The new MADIface XT II focuses on USB 3.0 as PCI Express can no longer be used externally. The new device's Class Compliant mode has been significantly upgraded as all 394 channels can now be transmitted simultaneously without a driver. In addition there are various formats and settings for the channel sequence in order to make optimum use of Class Compliant. The RME MADIface XT II is available with immediate effect.