Best Service Chris Hein Orchestral Winds Vol. 5: Deep Flutes

BestService ChrisHein Flutes GUI

Sound Designer and Film Music Producer Chris Hein has over 30 years of experience in creating high-quality sampled virtual instruments. The expressiveness, variability and versatility of his libraries convinces not only ambitious musicians but also renowned composers worldwide. His latest release Chris Hein Winds Vol. 5 - Deep Flutes, is a meticulously crafted collection of rare instruments that includes a variety of deep flutes such as Bass Flute, ContraBass Flute, SubContraBass Flute, and Shakuhachi. In addition to the five included flutes, you'll also find sounds such as pads and drones for atmospheric textures, as well as flute-based drums and percussion for rhythmic elements.


  • Includes Bass Flute, ContraBass Flute, SubContraBass Flute, and bonus Shakuhachi
  • Features pads, drones, flute-based drums, and percussions
  • 5,000 samples per instruments, up to 49 articulations, and 16 dynamic layers
  • Includes 10 DSP effects, 2 convolution reverbs, and 63 impulse responses
  • User-friendly interface with Note-Head Designer, Hot-Keys, and preset navigation
  • Realtime control options like hardware faders, breath controllers, and TouchOSC.

Deep Flutes provides an unmatched virtual flute experience, perfect for composers and producers seeking realistic and highly expressive flute sounds. With its extensive features and customizable options, it opens up a universe of musical possibilities, ensuring every breath becomes music and every note resonates with emotion.