Ableton Live 12.1 Public Beta

Ableton Live 12 1 public beta small

Ableton Live 12.1 is now in public beta. This free update for Ableton’s music performance and production software comes with significant additions and improvements to all editions of Live, including Live Lite, plus Push. Live 12.1 introduces auto-tagging, making it easier to find the right sound in your user library. New tags are automatically assigned to all samples in the library less than a minute long, as well as to VST3 and AU plugins. Auto Shift, Live’s new pitch correction and harmonization device, lets you manipulate and extract harmonies from vocals in real time. Choose a scale for Auto Shift to follow, and play and make harmonies from any monophonic signal with the dedicated sidechain.

Drum Sampler, Live’s new compact sample player, lets you tweak and enhance drum sounds on the fly. Limiter and Saturator have been redesigned, and the MIDI Editor now allows you to filter and select notes by time, pitch, or a number of other criteria. Two new MPE-specific MIDI Transformations – Glissando and LFO – let you create curves for the MPE parameters of selected notes.

12.1 also brings updates to Push. On Push 2 and 3 you can now map Macros, experiment with Macro Variations, organize Sets more easily, and take advantage of Live 12’s browser filters. Push 3 now lets you add groove instantly to all the MIDI clips in your Set with a single twist of an encoder, while Push 3 standalone adopts Live’s new sample auto-tagging feature.

For a full list of what’s new, check out the release notes. If you own a Live 12 license, you can join the beta program to test Live 12.1. Release notes and the Ableton Beta Program are only available in English. Once the beta testing period is over, Live 12.1 will be free for all owners of a Live 12 license. Ableton Live 12 is available for purchase from the website below and, in some countries, through local retailers. The prices are:

  • Ableton Live 12 costs 79 EUR / 99 USD / 69 GBP for Intro, 279 EUR / 439 USD / 259 GBP for Standard and 599 EUR / 749 USD / 539 GBP for Suite. Owners of previous versions of Live can log in to their accounts to check upgrade pricing.
  • Push costs USD 999 / EUR 949 / GBP 879 and Push (standalone) costs USD 1999 / EUR 1899 / GBP 1669.
    Upgrade Kits are now available and cost USD 1049 / EUR 999 / GBP 879.