Yamaha MONTAGE M OS 2.0 & Expanded Softsynth Plugin ESP v2.0

Yamaha ESP Solo small

Yamaha appreciates its users, and shows this appreciation by further honing and expanding its products at no additional cost. The new Yamaha MONTAGE M OS 2.0 and the ESP v2.0 superbly demonstrate this approach. The Yamaha MONTAGE M series receives its first major update now to OS 2.0, adding new sounds and effects. With Smart Morph for the AN-X engine, the Wave Folder distortion and an all-new Shimmer Reverb, MONTAGE M 2.0 becomes an even more powerful sound design tool at no additional cost. Even better, Yamaha simultaneously releases version 2.0 of the Expanded Softsynth Plugin ESP, changing not only the amount of possibilities on the physical hardware instrument, but also the way it communicates with its virtual DAW counterpart. All the updated functionality of MONTAGE M OS 2.0 is also available in the plug-in, of course, further multiplying its potential impact on production and sound design.

The Yamaha MONTAGE M OS 2.0 update introduces two new waveforms to the instruments’ sound library. The new Yamaha CFX was introduced in 2022 and has been the flagship concert grand ever since, built for the world’s biggest stages. Its expressive sound has been captured for the MONTAGE M and adds another exciting colour to the synthesizers’ spectrum of piano sounds. The second new waveform is not quite as new: the CP80 presents the classic electric piano in pristine quality and rich detail with its very characteristic tone. The new waveforms give MONTAGE M users even more sonic substance to work with.

Speaking of sonic substance, the Yamaha MONTAGE M OS update 2.0 also includes new sound design options. Firstly, Smart Morph comes to the AN-X engine. The creative technology that was already implemented for the FM-X engine in MONTAGE and MODX(+) instruments brings its versatile sound shaping possibilities to an entirely new universe of sounds in the MONTAGE M AN-X. Secondly, the new Wave Folder is an unusual tool that folds frequencies above a threshold back into the signal, affording effects from subtle colouration to drastic distortion. In combination with the Texture parameter, the Wave Folder offers a vast variety of minute sound variations – an effect made for tinkerers.

The OS 2.0 update for the Yamaha MONTAGE M also features a new reverb effect. First of all, Shimmer Reverb is a very high-quality reverb that adds depth and texture to sounds. Where Shimmer Reverb differs from other processors of this type is the inclusion of pitch-shifted feedback loops. A pitch-shifted version of the output signal is fed back into the input, creating a unique, larger-than-life sound. With high and low pass filters for the feedback signal, two pitch shifters spanning four octaves each, pan and balance for the shifted signals, modulation and colouration options, Shimmer Reverb becomes a powerful tool that can subtly enhance a sound – or completely shift it into another dimension.

The update to OS 2.0 also integrates MIDI 2.0 into the Yamaha MONTAGE M. The high-resolution version of the data transmission protocol connects MONTAGE M with other MIDI 2.0-compatible devices. The MONTAGE M controllers for velocity, aftertouch, super knob, pitch bend, modulation wheel, quick edit/assignable knobs, sliders, foot controller and sustain support 10-bit data transmission. Rounding off the update to OS 2.0 is a number of UI improvements for quicker and more intuitive operation.

Yamaha ESP Solo 16 drawbars

One of the most valuable features of MONTAGE M is the availability of the Expanded Softsynth Plugin: a comprehensive virtual version of the synthesizer for use in DAW software. The ESP is not merely an editing aid – it is the actual sound engine with all its parameters in plug-in format. That means that every user can use as many MONTAGE M in their productions as their DAW can process. Every instance acts independently of the hardware synthesizer, but can communicate with it. This communication between the virtual and physical MONTAGE M versions has been largely expanded and improved with the new update to version 2.0.

The new version 2.0 of the Yamaha Expanded Softsynth Plugin for MONTAGE M opens the plug-in’s editing capabilities, allowing for unlimited customization of parameters. While the previous version was limited in what parameters were accessible, this limitation is lifted in version 2.0. Data exchange between the software plug-in and the hardware has been overhauled, so complete sections like library or backup can be transferred between ESP and MONTAGE M directly. Sounds created with the ESP can be copied to the synthesizer, and vice versa. Furthermore, development of MONTAGE M and the ESP is now synchronized, making all subsequent updates appear in both the software and hardware version of the instrument. With this new version, the ESP makes MONTAGE M one of the most powerful production tools available.

Both the update to version 2.0 of the Yamaha MONTAGE M OS and the ESP v2.0 are available immediately and free of charge for MONTAGE M owners. The MSRP (incl. 19% VAT) for the MONTAGE M synthesizers are

  • MONTAGE M6: 3,699.00 EUR
  • MONTAGE M7: 4,169.00 EUR
  • MONTAGE M8x: 4,649.00 EUR

The Expanded Softsynth Plugin is available only to owners of the MONTAGE M and is not sold separately.