IK Multimedia iLoud MTM MKII

IKMultimedia iLoudMTM MKII 01

IK Multimedia welcomes iLoud MTM MKII into the iLoud studio-quality monitor family. While maintaining the original's iconic MTM design, the MKII further surpasses the limits of its compact size to offer enhanced sound and features that dramatically elevate performance. Available as a pair, 11-speaker immersive bundle or individually, the MTM MKII represents a significant step forward in output and flexibility to improve sonic performance in even more environments. The MKII offers improved speaker drivers, off-axis response, power efficiency and SPL, higher onboard processing power, double the DSP and the latest award-winning ARC room correction built-in. X-MONITOR is now integrated into the workflow, giving MTM MKII users expanded options to monitor and mix confidently.

MTM MKII houses a pair of 3.5" high-performance woofers and one 1" high-definition, back-chamber loaded tweeter with improved drivers. These deliver superior volume and low end while providing increased clarity and mid-range articulation. The Midrange-Tweeter-Midrange design (D'Appolito configuration) gives ultra-precise, defined, point-source sound that traditional 2-way systems can't achieve at close distances. The result is more balanced mixes with less ear fatigue.

MTM MKII delivers even more of the legendary "iLoud physics-defying sound", offering an improved 36 Hz bass extension (-10 dB) and higher SPL levels. The increased bass and volume allow MTM MKII to replace far larger speakers, enabling reference-quality monitoring in even more situations.

Thanks to the MTM MKII's tight vertical dispersion, the acoustic impacts of desktop placement and room reflections are minimized to ensure accuracy on every project. The wide horizontal dispersion provides a broader sweet spot than the previous generation and a smoother in-room response. Improved power efficiency and an extended max SPL also offer flexibility for FOH, immersive speaker setups or other volume-dependent tasks.

The MTM MKII adds a new way to get the best sound in any room with a deeper, more comprehensive ARC auto-calibration. Using technology from the flagship iLoud Precision series, this 4-space measurement offers an unmatched level of definition and reliable translation in virtually any environment. Connecting the provided ARC MEMS microphone (included free with any iLoud MTM MKII pair or immersive bundle) to each speaker's mic input, users will be ready to go in minutes with the perfect sound for the room - in any room.

IKMultimedia iLoudMTM MKII software

Featuring IK's award-winning X-MONITOR integration, the iLoud MTM MKII now offers complete control over every speaker element beyond its rear panel controls. For example, X-MONITOR gives the MTM MKII precise delay compensation between units for superior stereo imaging. Users can also A/B mixes by switching virtual monitoring voices, which emulate the frequency and phase response of over 20 top studio monitors and reference systems with breathtaking realism.

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Inside a sleek design, the MTM MKII packs innovative technology to offer its user the best sonic experience possible from a compact monitor:

  • Lighter and stiffer mid-woofers go down to 36 Hz with improved midrange clarity and articulation for more accurate mixing.
  • Extended ultra-flat frequency response now at 48 Hz to 28 kHz ± 2dB compared to 50 Hz to 24 kHz ± 2 dB of the original iLoud MTM.
  • Double the onboard processing power at 96 kHz (up from 48 kHz), delivering better transparency and resolution.
  • Improved horizontal dispersion results in a broader sweet spot and smoother in-room response while controlling vertical dispersion.
  • More efficient power management raises a single unit's maximum SPL to 112.5 dB compared to its predecessor's 110.5 dB.
  • The latest ARC correction algorithms from iLoud Precision produce unmatched definition and translation reliability for a monitor this size and price.

There's never been a compact monitoring system as powerful - and versatile - as iLoud MTM MKII. iLoud MTM MKII monitors can be ordered now from the IK Multimedia online store, and IK authorized dealers worldwide.