RME presents the LNI-2 DC, an active DC filter in a compact and portable design. The LNI-2 DC provides isolation, regulation and filtering of output signals from any 12 volt DC power source, enabling a remarkable improvement in DC voltage stability while providing an ultra-clean 12V power source. This results in an enhanced audio signal and sound quality avoiding humming, buzzing and other noises that can be caused by power supplies or dirty mains power.

The LNI-2 DC is based on two key features: galvanic isolation and RME's exclusive µFilter. Galvanic isolation is an advanced technique to prevent any noise, from hum over high frequency noise to leakage currents from reaching the filtered DC output. Without galvanic isolation parts of these noises will creep over into the filtered signal. Galvanic isolation makes it possible to not only filter the positive DC path, but also separates ground (aka minus) between input and output. The μFilter (micron filter) of the LNI-2 DC consists of a discrete Ultra Low Noise linear regulator with extremely low noise output of only a few μV (micro-volt), soft start, thermal overload, short circuit protection and sensor technology.

The LNI-2 DC handles power sources from 9-18V DC (input) and provides a fixed, perfect voltage of 12.0 V at 2 A at the lockable output socket. This is ensured by the µFilter's integrated sensor technology, which checks and compares the output voltage directly at the DC connector of the supplied 4-wire cable, thus completely avoiding any load-dependent voltage drops. Two DC Sensor connection cable with lockable & non-lockable DC plug 2.1 x 5.5 mm, (1 m) are included.

Two status LED at the top of the unit signal existing input and output voltage and overload. As further special feature the ground of the DC output can optionally be connected to PE, ground or other devices ground via a ground terminal screw to solve ground cabling issues. Another unique feature is the 17-page manual, which shows the technical data in detail using many measured values illustrated with measurement diagrams. It also contains background information on linear and switching power supplies.