The new DPS-2 is an exceptional linear power supply that boasts not only impressive technical data but also a wide range of unique and highly useful features. For instance, the compact device features two differently filtered outputs. The housing and front panel of the DPS-2 are based on the ADI-2 series, accommodating RME's innovative circuitry design on only half rack width. The output Linear is a traditional DC output but is equipped with multi-stage passive and active filtering including a 30,000 µF capacitor bank, a ferrite choke as well as an active output filter with a hybrid voltage regulator.

The second output is based on RME's proprietary µFilter technology. Here the signal from the pre-filtered Linear output is also processed by highly efficient active filters to achieve an exceptionally clean DC output with just a few µV (micro-volts) noise. In addition the output has sensor technology, which measures and adapts the output voltage directly at the DC connector of the supplied DC cable. Two DC Sensor connection cable with lockable & non-lockable DC plug 2.1 x 5.5 mm, (1 m) are included. As a result the output impedance and load regulation are extremely low, thus ensuring a clean output voltage of +12.0 V at 2.5 A load, completely avoiding any load-dependent voltage drops. Only one output is usable at a time.

If necessary the GND lift switch can be used to disconnect DC ground from PE (protective earth) to eliminate noise caused by ground loops. In this case safety is not affected since the primary part and the housing stay firmly connected to PE of the power inlet. In addition the DPS-2 comes with a ground terminal screw connection to earth other devices or to use an earthing other than PE for the audio power supply.

The DPS-2 features two status LEDs on the front to provide a quick overview of the operating modes and error conditions (power, thermal and power overload, undervoltage, short, active output). A recessed push switch on the front panel enables the unique AutoDark mode with LEDs only lit on error states and shortly during power up. Another unique feature is the 24-page manual, which shows the technical data in detail using many measured values, illustrated with measurement diagrams. It also contains background information on linear and switching power supplies.