Best Service Quetzal

BestService Quetzal

Immerse yourself in the sounds of a forgotten time and experience a majestic collection of Clay Flutes, faithful reproductions of ancient instruments, and over 80 captivating soundscapes. Quetzal offers over 7,000 individual samples and more than 50 playable instruments. With elaborate multisamples and various articulations, Quetzal provides a versatile and authentic sound palette for any production.

Key Features Overview:

  • Over 7,000 individual samples
  • More than 50 playable instruments
  • Mysterious flutes telling ancient legends
  • Ancient drums following the heartbeat of the earth
  • 80 captivating soundscapes
  • Vocals resonating with the wisdom of ancient priests
  • Over 80 pre-made presets

The combination of an outstanding selection of instruments and dreamy sonic atmospheres creates a powerful collection that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of included sounds and their quality.

Quetzal will be available from April 16th at Best Service and all authorized distribution partners for €/$ 159. A crossgrade for registered users of an ERA Library is available for €/$ 99 instead of €/$ 129 during the first four weeks (until May 19). Eligible for the crossgrade are users of Ancient ERA, Celtic ERA, Dark ERA, ERA (II) Medieval Legends, or ERA II Vocal Codex.

Quetzal is the very first product specifically developed for the Engine Player, which Best Service are releasing under their new software brand Engine Audio. Building on our long-standing experience in sample library development, we have created a suite of innovative tools with Engine Audio that fosters the creativity of music producers, composers, and sound designers. The Engine Player is the core of Engine Audio and is a powerful platform for sample playback and sound manipulation.

Currently, Accordions Single Instruments and Organum Venezia are already available for the Engine Player. Users of these libraries will find an updated version in their Best Service customer account.