Icon Harrison/Icon 32Ci

ICON Harrison32C front

Step into the footsteps of music icons and experience the unparalleled quality of Harrison 32C preamps – the very ones that have left an indelible mark on some of the most iconic albums in history. From Michael Jackson’s award-winning ‘Thriller’ & ‘Bad’ albums to Paul Simon’s groundbreaking ‘Graceland,’ these preamps have graced recordings by AC/DC, Genesis, Janet Jackson, ELO, Led Zeppelin, and more.

Now, you have the opportunity to elevate your music to the next level with the Harrison/iCON 32Ci – a 12 In / 12 Out USB Interface that encapsulates the essence of the original 32C console. Crafted with world-class precision and inspired by the legendary console, the 32Ci comes packed with an array of features that ensure studio-grade performance.

Renowned for their warm and transparent sound, the Harrison 32C preamps are a true gem in the recording world. Experience the exceptional clarity they provide, delivering a clean and detailed signal with minimal noise – perfect for a wide array of recording needs. Equipped with high-quality transformers, these preamps infuse your recordings with a rich, musical character, adding depth and warmth to every track. The 32C preamps boast a broad frequency response, capturing subtle nuances and dynamic ranges with stunning precision.

The 32 Series consoles revolutionized the industry with their innovative high-pass and low-pass filters, designed to tackle unwanted rumble and hiss in your sources. With ‘dual log’ potentiometers, these unique filters offer an exceptionally wide sweep range, allowing you to overlap them effectively and eliminate the passband altogether. Mixing engineers, including the acclaimed Bruce Swedien, harnessed this capability to optimize their mixes, seamlessly blending multiple instruments without interference.

Discover the “Bump” button, meticulously recreated to emulate the original filter’s slight resonance. Experience an added punch in the low-end, just above the filter’s cutoff frequency. Use this feature strategically to retain vocal presence while expertly filtering out any unwanted rumble captured by the microphone.

With 70dB of gain, these preamps handle high input levels without distortion, making them the ideal choice for recording powerful sources like drums and electric guitars. Experience the true power of pristine audio conversion. 129 dB dynamic range ensures that every detail is captured with utmost precision. Take collaboration to the next level with individualized headphone mixes for each collaborator, depending on your DAW software capabilities. Two convenient headphone outputs give you the freedom to focus on your creative process while ensuring everyone’s monitoring needs are covered. Add an additional 8 channels of uncompressed digital audio between your interface and a peripheral device using a single Toslink cable for a total of 12-ins and outs.

ICON Harrison32C rear

This Virtual Mixer and Plugin Host for iCON Pro Audio interfaces is the ultimate audio control hub for your computer. Seamlessly transport audio across your system, harness the power of plugins both within and outside a DAW, and conveniently store your preferred plugin chains as presets. Whether you’re recording, mixing, podcasting, streaming, or engaging with audio in any way on your computer, this feature-rich tool empowers you to achieve professional-grade results with ease.

The 32Ci features “UNI,” iCON Pro Audio’s proprietary protocol designed for seamless live streaming device connection via the equipped USB port (OTG). With “UNI,” you’ll enjoy unparalleled stability, ensuring a super-smooth and reliable streaming experience like never before.

Step into a world of vintage charm and seamless functionality reminiscent of classic audio gear from yesteryears. We’ve considered every aspect to enhance your experience. Rear connections keep cables neatly tucked away, ensuring an uncluttered and tidy workspace. The top panel layout, ingeniously ergonomic and visually stunning, pairs flawlessly with the pleasing-to-touch switchgear, creating an intuitive and logical interface.

Harrison's legacy of crafting exceptional audio extends back to 1975, with their very first analog console. The 32C Plugin Series brings you the essence of their most renowned product elements in convenient and user-friendly plugins for your audio workstation. Each plugin is carefully crafted to encapsulate the essence of Harrison's iconic sound, delivering a truly authentic "True Analog In-The-Box" experience. Bundled plugins include: 32C Bus, 32C Channel and 32C Vocal Intensity Processor