IK Multimedia Metal Gems Signature Collection

IK Multimedia tonex metal gems

IK Multimedia releases Metal Gems Signature Collection for TONEX, continuing IK’s commitment to expanding the TONEX ecosystem with 100 essential high-gain Tone Models. IK also announces that a firmware update for TONEX Pedal is available today, adding a highly requested built-in chromatic tuner for guitar and bass. Metal Gems is an exclusive collection of 100 high-gain Tone Models, meticulously captured to deliver both classic and contemporary metal tones, giving users instant access to 4 legendary amps: a Diezel Herbert, Bogner Uberschall, Soldano SLO-100 and a Peavey 5150.

The essence of these high-gain jewels has been preserved in stunning high-definition using IK's cutting-edge AI Machine Modeling Technology in conjunction with a sonically perfect environment to produce the incredible guitar tones available today.

Collection Overview:

  • 100 Tone Models based on legendary high-gain amps including with and without cab
  • A Premium Tone Model collection for use across the entire TONEX ecosystem
  • Compatible with all TONEX versions including the free TONEX CS and TONEX App
    Captured at a professional studio with ideal acoustics and the perfect gear
    Created using cutting-edge AI Machine Modeling technology with advanced training
    All Tone Models can easily be loaded to TONEX Pedal and used for live performance

The Diezel Herbert is a 180-watt fire breather that can go from dynamic cleans to ultra-tight distortion. 30 Tone Models deliver that Diezel signature definition and tightness perfect for modern and classic metal tones. The collection includes all 3 distinctly voiced channels captured with different cabs, mics and outboard gear.

The Bogner Uberschall is a renowned high-gain guitar amp prized for its all-tube distortion and clear string separation. 25 Tone Models deliver searing lead and rhythm tones with tight and powerful bass, ideal for players of extended-range and drop-tuned guitars. The collection includes clean and high-gain Tone Models using multiple stomps to tighten and drive the amp into brutal territory.

The SLO-100 redefined high-gain amplification in 1987 as one of the first amp heads to feature powerful harmonics and impeccable gain, sustain and responsiveness. 25 Tone Models feature clean, drive and high-gain tones with several using a TS-9 and Furman PQ-3, captured with a variety of settings, speakers and other outboard gear to achieve a wide range of tones for hard rock to modern metal.

The Peavey 5150 is one of history's most iconic high-gain amps, instantly recognizable on any stage. Renowned for its bloom and juicy harmonic saturation, the 5150 was quickly adopted by many top metal guitar players. 20 Tone Models feature a variety of captures including some with stomps and with 6 different cabs to deliver a wide range of skull-crushing, gig-ready tones.

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The release of Metal Gems coincides with a free firmware update for TONEX Pedal featuring a game-changing chromatic tuner. The new tuner inside TONEX Pedal can replace any tuner currently used with its easy-to-read display, selectable reference frequency and three operating modes: Mute, Thru, and Off. To update to firmware 1.2.3, connect TONEX Pedal to a Mac or PC with an internet connection and launch TONEX. Navigate to the librarian section and select "Update Firmware." Once complete, the pedal will restart automatically with the new firmware installed and the tuner ready. This update and future improvements represent IK’s commitment to ongoing TONEX hardware improvements, software refinements and additional Tone Models.

Metal Gems is a unique opportunity to experience the sound and feel of high-gain amps that have stood the test of time and to own essential metal tones not found in any other collection. All 100 Tone Models sound amazing no matter which version of TONEX is used, including the free version of TONEX CS, and of course TONEX Pedal. Metal Gems Signature Collection is available now to purchase via ToneNET and within any version of TONEX for Mac/PC. For a limited time, Metal Gems is included free with new purchases of TONEX Pedal and TONEX MAX.