Lobith Audio PlayerSpecz

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Lobith Audio is a German/Dutch company, which focusses on software for post-production, spatial sound design and music production. They premiere now with PlayerSpecz. This waveform audio player aims to be the go-to solution to quickly play and evaluate audio.

PlayerSpecz opens a wide variety of formats:

  • most popular audio files
  • any sample-rate
  • bit-rates up to 64 bit floating point
  • multi-channel and multi-mono files, including 100+ track Dolby Atmos files.

Gives you insight using several visualizers:

  • zoomable waveform, displaying loops, cues, etc...
  • zoomable spectrogram to give you spectral information
  • real-time spectral analyzer
  • zoomable loudness history (EBU R128 & ITU-R BS.1770 compliant)
  • loudness distribution
  • input and output metering.

Shows metadata embedded in the audio:

  • Broadcast Wave Extension (BWAV)
  • iXML Field Recorder (film set metadata)
  • Dolby Atmos (ADM)
  • Instrument (sampler, key, loop, etc...)
  • ID3, Info and other music related information?CART (radio metadata)
  • many other metadata formats (ACID, SNMD, NMIX, etc..).

And finally, of course, being able to play it back with the down-mixer to any speaker format you have available (or to quickly mute/solo a channel). The output can be pitched up or down by 3 octaves to evaluate at a different pitch and speed. At the same time the user can optimize PlayerSpecz extensively. It's fully resizable and all keyboard shortcuts and toolbar menus can be adapted for the best workflow. PlayerSpecz is designed to become the professional's choice for playing back audio.

PlayerSpecz is available on the website of Lobith Audio in a free version with only the waveform display. The paid PRO version unlocks access to exporting metadata, the advanced visualizers and many other features. The PRO version can be freely evaluated with a 14 day trial period.