Steinberg IXO

Steinberg IXO

Steinberg has today announced the immediate availability of the brand-new IXO series of USB audio interfaces. Comprising the IXO12 and IXO22 models, as well as the IXO Podcast Pack and IXO Recording Pack bundles, the IXO family delivers an exceptionally portable recording, podcasting and streaming platform for Windows, Mac, and iOS. Available in a choice of black or white finish*, the new, ultra-portable IXO12 and IXO22 interfaces feature two inputs and two outputs, 24-bit/192 kHz support, hardware-based, latency-free input monitoring, and high-speed USB 2.0 via USB-C. Making studio-quality recording, podcasting, and streaming possible in literally any location, IXO interfaces are a full, truly mobile production platform.

The IXO12 features a combo mic/line input with a studio-grade, Class A microphone preamp and a Hi-Z jack input for direct connection of electric guitar or bass, while the IXO22 includes two combo mic/line inputs, both with Class A microphone preamps alongside a Hi-Z input. A front panel gain control for each input is included, as well as switchable +48 V phantom power for condenser microphones and a headphone output. The IXO22 provides an independent volume control for the headphone output . The mute button of each input instantly disables the input signal when streaming or recording.

On the rear panel, both units include two 6.3 mm TRS line outputs alongside two USB-C sockets. One is for connection to a Mac or PC computer, iPad or iPhone, the other is for a USB-C power source (when used with iPad or iPhone). Both the IXO12 and IXO22 feature the easy-to-use Loopback function, which makes high-quality live streaming straightforward, and are equipped with a direct monitor switch. On the IXO22, this can be used to choose between different monitor modes.

The IXO Podcast Pack bundles an IXO12 USB audio interface with the ST-M01 studio condenser microphone, a high-quality studio mic with a clean, smooth response, exceptional sensitivity, and a wide frequency response. Capturing every detail in excellent quality, it is ideal for recording every nuance of vocals, interviews, acoustic guitar, other instruments, and field recordings. This bundle also includes a microphone pop shield to reduce plosives while recording, a low-noise microphone cable and a tabletop stand for placing the microphone in the best position.

The IXO Recording Pack bundles an IXO22 USB audio interface with the ST-M01 studio condenser microphone and ST-H01 monitor headphones, which provide an accurate, neutral listening experience, making them perfect for monitoring while recording and creating a final mix. The close-backed design means low bleed levels into the microphone during recording, ideal for singers recording their own vocals. This bundle also includes a low-noise microphone cable. IXO series interfaces in the IXO Podcast Pack and IXO Recording Pack bundles are only available in black.

“We are very excited to introduce the new IXO series, which are the most mobile audio interfaces we have ever made,” says Stefan Schreiber, Steinberg’s senior marketing manager for hardware. “With great-sounding preamps and industry standard conversion in a lightweight yet rugged housing, IXO interfaces are excellent mobile recording partners for everyone who is working with audio. And what’s more, they are available at a truly impressive price point.”

The IXO series is available immediately from Steinberg authorized resellers, at the following suggested retail prices: the IXO12 USB audio interface is 129 euros or 119.99 US dollars; the IXO22 USB audio interface is 189 euros or 169.99 US dollars; the IXO Podcast Pack is 249 euros or 249.99 US dollars; and the IXO Recording Pack is 319 euros or 299.99 US dollars.

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