IsoAcoustics & HEDD Isolation Brackets

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With demand for comprehensive immersive monitoring setups soaring, German studio monitor manufacturer HEDD and audio isolation specialist IsoAcoustics are working together to provide a one-stop shop solution for mounting the renowned speakers.

Immersive audio introduces new challenges to speaker setups, in particular when it comes to mounting the ceiling speakers. As the information provided by these speakers is often crucial to the sense of space, and contains very minute details and acoustic cues, immaculate playback quality is paramount. Berlin-based speaker manufacturer HEDD is teaming up with IsoAcoustics, the leading innovators in speaker isolation, to present a tailor-fitted solution for ceiling- or wall-mounting the TYPE series monitor speakers. The results are special brackets in combination with the V120 mount from IsoAcoustics – a combination that competently achieves next-level immersive audio playback.

Since 2015, Heinz Electrodynamic Design or HEDD supplies the audio production industry with highly accurate monitor speakers that aim to recreate sound as lifelike as possible. The real history behind HEDD is a lot longer, though: founder and namesake Klaus Heinz has been an integral part of the industry for decades, with his most famous contribution being the air motion transformer or AMT introduced by his previous company ADAM back in 1999. If there is an AMT in a speaker, chances are its design relates back to Klaus Heinz’s work. Today, HEDD offers a comprehensive portfolio of studio monitor speakers across all size categories and integrating more innovative, proprietary technology like CoP, which allows users to decide and switch between ported and closed speakers, and the HEDD Lineariser, which optimizes phase coherence in systems with subwoofers. HEDD speakers are used in studios around the world, the company has equipped Dolby Atmos rooms in Germany, France, the UK, Korea and the USA. Its commitment to sound and material quality has earned the manufacturer a reputation of great esteem among professionals.

Even the best speakers can be improved by mitigating unwanted resonance – exactly that is what IsoAcoustics has been doing since 2012. With patented technology, vibration from the speakers is dampened before it can cause disturbing resonances in the room, or even get reflected into the cabinet itself, impeding the speaker’s performance. While IsoAcoustics speaker isolation and its astonishing effect on playback clarity has been well established, the recent development of the V120 Mount has made this ground-breaking technology available for wall- and ceiling-mounted speakers as well. Whether mounted directly to the ceiling or to truss-structures, the V120 Mount makes sure that no resonances smear the sound image in the room. Perfect clarity and transparency – and just the ideal upgrade for already outstanding speakers like the HEDD studio monitors.

While the IsoAcoustics V120 is generally available independent of speaker manufacturer, the cooperation between IsoAcoustics and HEDD has led to specially designed adapters and mounting brackets for the HEDD models TYPE 05 MK2, TYPE 07 MK2, TYPE 20 MK2 and TYPE 30 MK2. The innovative U brackets are shaped in a way that allows for installing the brackets first and then lifting the monitor into place. The bolt threads slide into place in the slotted holes of the U brackets and can then be fixed into position to ensure perfect sound direction. To compensate for the speaker’s weight, the TYPE 30 MK2 solution uses two V120 isolators. Brilliant speakers perfectly mounted and positioned – the cooperation between IsoAcoustics and HEDD is a serious upgrade for anyone considering an immersive audio setup.

Visitors of NAMM 2024 in Anaheim, California, can find HEDD showcasing the new custom solution at the RAD Distribution booth 14502 and in their own demo space (TKAB, Hall A). IsoAcoustics can be found at booth 14822. The NAMM Show takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center from 25th to 28th January 2024.

All specially designed HEDD isolation ceiling mounts by IsoAcoustics are available immediately. They are available as adapters to connect to the V120 system, and as bundles including everything required to set up the speakers. The prices are:

  • M05 Custom adapter for TYPE 05 MK2: 29.99 EUR
  • M07 Custom adapter for TYPE 07 MK2): 29.99 EUR
  • M20 Custom adapter for TYPE 20 MK2): 99.99 EUR
  • M30 Custom adapter for TYPE 30 MK2): 139.99 EUR
  • M05 Bundle (incl. C-Bracket / V120 for ceiling mount): 249.99 EUR
  • M05 Bundle (incl. L-Bracket / V120 for ceiling mount): 274.99 EUR
  • M07 Bundle (incl. C-Bracket / V120 for ceiling mount): 249.99 EURM07 Bundle (incl. L-Bracket / V120 for ceiling mount): 274.99 EUR
  • M20 Bundle (incl. U-Bracket / V120): 274.99 EUR
  • M30 Bundle (incl. U-Bracket / V120): 439.99 EUR