VSL Lyrical & Virtuosic Legato for Synchron Woodwinds

VSL Lyrical Virtuosic Legato

The Vienna Symphonic Library announces a special sale of the Synchron Woodwinds Collection in addition to free bonus patches offering new “Lyrical Legato” and “Virtuosic Legato” articulations for the included flute, oboe, and clarinet. Synchron Woodwinds is currently available at a special price of €445 for the Standard Library (reg. €595), and €640 for the Full Library (reg. €850). To mark the occasion, all other woodwind libraries of the Synchron Series, SYNCHRON-ized Series, and Big Bang Orchestra Series, are available at major discounts as well.

Lyrical Legato offers a slower, a bit more pronounced and beautifully natural transition between notes in slow and medium tempos. The also included new Virtuosic Legato is specifically designed for fast phrases. Registered users of Synchron Woodwinds can add the new legato articulations for the flute, oboe, and clarinet, free of charge, simply by using the Vienna Assistant. The bonus patch will also be included in every new purchase of Synchron Woodwinds.

Synchron Woodwinds is the TEC Award 2023 nominated virtual instrument collection including 13 solo instruments and 7 ensembles, recorded in the large hall of Synchron Stage Vienna. Captivating performances by world-class artists were extensively sampled with a new level of dynamic expressivity and musicality to create a versatile, flexible and very nuanced library that adds characcter and authenticity to any arrangement.