Steinberg Taped Vibes for HALion

Steinberg TapedVibes HALion

Steinberg has announced the immediate availability of Taped Vibes for HALion, a vintage electric piano sampled through the old tape of a Space Echo, a vintage pre-amp, and a high-quality DI box. Taped Vibes delivers the beautiful sound of the raw, sampled electric piano, a dirty characterful version recorded through the tape loop of a Space Echo, and also a pre-amped version for crunchy distortion and saturation.

High-quality effects allow rich, swirling movement, dreamy reverberations, mesmerizing delays, and enchanting modulations to be added, creating a truly distinctive tone. And for maximum inspiration, it has a unique preset function which randomizes all parameters at once. The new preset can then be easily modified or saved. But Taped Vibes is much more, as Senior Marketing Manager Florian Haack explains: “As well as an amazing free library, Taped Vibes is a showcase of how to design sample instruments from scratch in HALion.” He adds, “It is accompanied by a free online tutorial series with videos on sample editing, scripting, macro page design and more, which will consecutively be released on our YouTube VST Instruments & Plug-ins channel.” Taped Vibes is available for free by registering on the Taped Vibes product page.

Key features

  • Free original, studio used electric piano sample library for HALion Sonic 7
  • Sampled in three different ways: DI, taped and pre-amped
  • Includes selected FX and a random function to create endless new variations
  • Free video tutorial series on creating sample-based instruments in HALion