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Experience ultimate control with the P1-M and P1-Nano DAW controllers, designed to revolutionize your productivity and accelerate project completion. These powerful devices put tactile control at your fingertips, streamlining your workflow for a faster and more efficient creative process. Discover the remarkable features that make the P1-M and the P1-Nano the perfect match for your audio adventures.

A large, customizable touchscreen grants you effortless control over your DAW, tailored to your specific workflow. The P1-M and P1 Nano have a customizable touchscreen display that can be used to control 5 color coded layers of commands in your DAW and match your specific workflow. Quickly access the controls you need at the touch of a button all without diverting your focus from the mix. A total of 80 DAW functions can be assigned per DAW, (an incredible 240 functions in total!) to this attractive and color-coded touchscreen display.

Compatible with leading DAWs like Bitwig, Cubase/Nuendo, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, and Pro Tools, the P1-M and P1-Nano ensure seamless compatibility with your preferred software. Plus, work with up to 3 DAWs simultaneously, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted creative experience. Use the 8 encoder knobs and the optional D4T (D4 for P1X, D5 for P1-Nano) display to control your session plugins. Illuminated automation command buttons and the motorized fader are perfect for riding vocals or automating sends.

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Empower your creativity. The P1-M is just the right size for your workspace giving you tactile control with faders, knobs and DAW functions right at your fingertips. And the P1 Nano fits snugly into even the smallest workspace giving you transport control and DAW functions right at your fingertips. Whether you’re setting up your project studio or working on a large format console, the P1-M is the perfect controller to complement your workflow. Its adaptability allows it to seamlessly serve as the heart of your production suite or integrate effortlessly as an 8 fader DAW controller on your expansive console setup. No matter the size of your studio, the P1 Nano is the perfect controller. Use it as the center of your project studio or use it as the DAW controller that feels right at home on your large format console. Elevate your podcast, broadcast or channel and streamline your editing workflow with customizable functions for engaging audiences with ease.

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With the P1-M and P1-Nano, the possibilities are limitless. Depending on your DAW, you have the freedom to add up to 64 channels to your setup (only P1-M). This proves invaluable when tackling intricate projects, brimming with dialogue tracks, or when crafting immersive soundscapes and otherworldly creations. Use the eight encoder knobs to control your sound design and MIDI parameters along with your plugins and your DAW.

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With 8 motorized faders and the ability to bank 8 channels at a time, the P1-M provides ample control, but it’s expandable up to 64 channels (depending on your DAW) using optional P1-X expansion modules. No matter the complexity of your project, you’ll have full command over your mix.

What's in the Box


  • P1-M USB-C MIDI Control Surface
  • Type C USB Cable
External Power Adapter
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  • P1-X USB-C Expansion MIDI Control Surface
  • Type C USB Cable
External Power Adapter
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  • P1-Nano USB-C MIDI Control Surface
  • Type C USB Cable
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