Icon V1-M & V1-X

ICON V1 M top

Introducing the future of DAW controllers - the all-new ICON Pro Audio V1-M and V1-X. These outstanding and let's be frank, beautiful machines will find their way to the heart of studio operations throughout the world, no matter the size or scope of the facility. Equally suited to full scale, state-of-the-art professional studios as it is to the project studio owner, never before has a DAW controller featuring this level of capability, value for money and expandability been available. This truly is a revolution in the world of DAW controllers.

The V1-M has 8 channels of motorized faders, which can be expanded up to 64 channels (depending on your DAW) with the addition of optional V1-X DAW Control Expanders. This gives you plenty of control over your mix, even if you’re working on a complex project. The V1-M has a large customizable touchscreen display with 5 color coded layers of commands that can be used to control your DAW and match your specific workflow. This makes it easy to quickly access the controls you need, without having to take your eyes off the mix.

A total of 120 DAW functions can be assigned per DAW, (an incredible 360 functions in total!) to this attractive and color-coded touchscreen display - via 5 color modes, (blue, green, orange, purple and red), which can in turn be adjusted (i.e. for EQ or a plug in) with the eight noiseless, smooth and refined rotary encoders, which also function as PAN knobs.

The large beautiful meter bridge features precise, clear and eye-catching LED meters, a LED display for timecode/beats and 2inch TFT displays per channel showing the current levels, pan positions, track names and other information as communicated by selected DAW. An additional lower row of 1.14inch TFT displays per channel can even show more infos depending on your DAW. This makes it easy to see what’s going on with your mix, even if you’re not looking at the computer monitor.

The V1-M is compatible with a wide range of popular DAWs, including Bitwig, Cubase/Nuendo, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, and Pro Tools. With the V1-M, you can now connect up to three DAWs at the same time! If your main project is in, say Pro Tools, but you need to quickly shoot back to Cubase - no problem! The V1-M will allow this to happen literally at the touch of a button without any delay or fuss, which means no interruption to you or your workflow.

ICON V1 M rear

By pressing 'Focus', you can now select a plug-in parameter with the mouse and adjust values with the smooth, gliding action of the large, high specification jog wheel. This feature is likely to become a favorite of those who love hands-on, interactive control of their plug-ins and EQ (and who doesn't?!). However, not every parameter may be supported by every plug in.

Let's spend a moment discussing the very impressive looking jog wheel. This is a VERY high specification optical encoder, fitted with a large metal cap for ease of use. It is built to very exacting standards and is extremely precise and smooth which makes accurately navigating through your project effortless. Press the jog wheel to change the function, (usually to a 'scrub' function depending on your DAW). Press 'Shuffle' to VERY quickly navigate through your channels with the jog wheel, (very useful if you have an over abundance of tracks in a project). This, coupled with the 'Focus' button functionality as already mentioned, makes this multi-functional, high grade jog wheel extremely desirable and a main feature of the V1-M.

The V1-M’s motorized faders and touchscreen display make it easy to navigate through large sessions. You can quickly zoom in and out of the session, and you can easily see the levels and pan positions of your tracks with the large screens and meter bridge. This allows you to use your ears for recording and mixing, not your mouse. You can use the faders, knobs, buttons and touchscreen to adjust the levels, pan positions, and other parameters of your tracks. Customizable control means you can put your most used commands right where you want them helping you create engaging content quickly and efficiently.

The V1-M can help you to stay creative. The touchscreen display and motorized faders give you a tactile experience that can help you to feel more connected to your music. The V1-M’s customizable controls also allow you to set up your controller the way that works best for you. The V1-M is expandable and flexible. Depending on your DAW, you can add up to 64 channels to your setup. This can be especially helpful when you’re working on a complex project with a lot of dialogue tracks or foley sounds, or if you’re designing lush soundscapes or creating new worlds.


Expand your V1-M to 16, 32, or even 64 channels depending on your DAW with the V1-X DAW Control Expander. Each V1-X houses eight touch-sensitive motorized channel faders with 12-bit resolution, eight dual function encoder knobs, mute, solo, select and record buttons, plus large 2inch TFT displays per Channel showing channel names and different control parameters for each channel. It also includes LED level meter bridge in a robust metal casing and a second row with TFT displays. (Expandability is totally dependent on your Digital Audio Workstation)

What's in the box:


  • V1-M Master MIDI Control Surface
  • Type C USB Cable
  • External Power Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide


  • V-1X Expansion MIDI Control Surface
  • Type C USB Cable
  • External Power Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Magnetic connectors