IK Multimedia with 20,000 Tone Models on ToneNET

IK Multimedia tonex tone net

IK Multimedia announces that ToneNET has marked another major milestone with over 20,000 TONEX Tone Models posted by users, becoming the fastest-growing tone-sharing community to date. TONEX is IK's complete software ecosystem which lets users model their own rig and play, practice and record with thousands of ultra-realistic Tone Models of amps and pedals. Part of the TONEX ecosystem, ToneNET is a free web platform dedicated to guitar and bass players for exchanging AmpliTube presets and TONEX Tone Models with others and for finding the latest signal chains from VIP artists and brands.

To celebrate the over 20,000 user-created TONEX Tone Models now shared on ToneNET, IK is organizing a massive giveaway of gear and software. Among TONEX users who have uploaded or downloaded at least one Tone Model on ToneNET, 20 lucky winners will be drawn at random to receive these prizes:

1st Prize (1 winner):

2nd Prize (1 winner):

3rd Prize (6 winners):

4th Prize (12 winners):

To participate, users can download TONEX CS, a FREE version that allows up to 20 Tone Model downloads or can upload a Tone Model of their own from any paid version of TONEX software. IK will announce the winners on November 9 here.