Heritage Audio GRANDCHILD 670

HeritageAudio GRANDCHILD 670

European pro audio manufacturer Heritage Audio announces the availability of GRANDCHILD 670 as a two-slot 500-Series module based on its HERCHILD Model 670 stereo Vari-MU compressor - itself introduced to widespread critical acclaim last year as a carefully crafted modern-day alternative to one of the most revered processors in the world, which, in its original incarnation, acted as an essential ingredient to making history happen on so many hit records throughout the decades - as of October 31…

Since so many musicians, engineers, and producers of note have become accustomed to hearing one of the most revered compressors in the world in over six decades of music production, it is little wonder that the sound of the stereo Vari-MU compressor in question has become so sought after - hence Heritage Audio admirably introducing its HERCHILD Model 670 as a carefully crafted modern-day alternative 13.3 kg heavyweight, housed in an appropriately retro-leaning 6U casing that also looks the business. But squeezing all that engineering know-how into a compact two-slot 500-Series module that somehow still encapsulates all of HERCHILD Model 670’s musical mojo is something else entirely - surely something of a musical marvel!

Meet GRANDCHILD 670, featuring four military-grade NOS 6BA6 tubes - two per channel - and three custom-made transformers at its core to ensure that its user’s tracks will receive the attention they deserve with all the warmth and punch possibly imaginable. Furthermore, five attack and release times are available via its TIME C. control, making it even more flexible than the original unit in that regard, while its progressive DC THR. (threshold) combines control of the ratio and knee settings (from hard limiting through to a transparent, very smooth-sounding compression). Continuously variable slope access is immediately available at all times, too.

But best of all, GRANDCHILD 670 delivers the still-sought-after sound that history has proven so worthwhile while only taking up two slots of anyone’s 500-Series power rack - whether a lunchbox model from the American company that invented the modern modular 500-Series format many years ago or, better still, something from Heritage Audio’s own OST- range. Reality dictates, therefore, that this - the first ever stereo Vari-MU compressor to be housed in a two-slot 500-Series module - is sure to make its musical mark, wherever it ends up being racked.

GRANDCHILD 670 is shipping and available via Heritage Audio’s growing global network of dealers with a price of €1,999.00 EUR in the EU, respectively and a price of $1,999.00 USD, US distribution being handled via RAD Distribution.