RME ADI-2 Remote

RME Audio ADI 2 Remote small

The ADI-2 Remote software controller offers an easy to understand, intuitive and complete interface for managing all settings and options of the ADI-2 series devices. The app supports:

  • ADI-2 DAC
  • ADI-2 Pro AE (Anniversary Edition)
  • ADI-2 Pro and FS
  • ADI-2 Pro FS R BE and
  • ADI-2/4 Pro SE

The option to control the ADI-2 directly via software is not only a welcome addition to anyone who enjoys tinkering with its countless features – like the on-board parametric EQ, Loudness and Crossfeed – or experimenting with the DAC’s different filter types (SD Sharp, NOS etc).

In fact it is extremely useful for any user. EQ settings and even complete setups can be saved and loaded from and to the computer or iPad. EQs for specific headphones or applications are easily shared with others. Backups of the device’s state can be stored and loaded, and device states copied and transferred with ease, on all supported platforms.