Neumann Spend Time With Fritz Contest

Neumann MrFritz

Neumann.Berlin has initiated an exciting social media campaign called "Spend Time With Fritz," inviting producers, sound engineers, and musicians to participate and showcase their creativity. Neumann is offering its renowned KU 100 reference microphone, also known as "Fritz," to support various binaural audio and music projects.

Do you know Fritz? Fritz is an artificial head microphone and one of Neumann's most valuable microphones. Recordings made with the KU 100 are incredibly realistic and precise, with a three-dimensional spatial imaging effect that can greatly enhance music and radio productions. With Fritz, anyone can create immersive recordings without any prior technical knowledge.

To be part of the "Spend Time With Fritz" competition, all you need is a creative idea and a project description. Send your entry to social(at) with the subject line "Spend Time With Fritz," before Dec. 31, 2023. A jury comprising Neumann's portfolio, marketing, and social media managers will select the most interesting projects every month. The winners will receive a KU 100 microphone free of charge for three weeks to implement in their project. The winners' projects will later be showcased in pictures and videos on Neumann's social media channels. This is an excellent opportunity for creatives to showcase their talent and receive recognition from a renowned brand like Neumann.