Audio-Technica’s BP3600 Microphone & Flux::Immersive for 3D Audio

Audio Technica BP3600 new
Audio-Technica BP3600

Audio-Technica’s BP3600 immersive audio microphone is now supported in the recently-released version of Flux::Immersive’s SPAT Revolution software (version 23.08), allowing for the capture and mixing of a truly three dimensional audio image. The microphone has eight compact capsule assemblies with excellent high-frequency characteristics integrated into the body, while remaining compact and lightweight enough for single-operator usability and easy setup. This practical, state-of-the-art broadcasting solution captures realistic sound that will bring the recording location directly to listeners without the need for extensive equipment.

The BP3600’s eight microphone modules extend from the body to form a cube with 15cm (5.9 inches) between each microphone assembly. Each microphone assembly in the eight-channel near-coincident array is equipped with a 12mm (0.47-inch) hypercardioid capsule to produce ideally separated, discrete signals and deliver immersive audio experiences with ample spaciousness.

Audio Technica SPAT R AT BP3600 small

SPAT Revolution is a state-of-the-art real-time immersive audio mix engine, in which incoming source objects – such as the Audio-Technica BP3600 capture – can be positioned in space using an intuitive graphical interface. Designed to integrate into virtually any workflow and with full automation of the sources and all spatialisation parameters, SPAT Revolution offers a wide range of possibilities empowering artists, sound designers and mixing engineers with virtually unlimited possibilities to design, craft and mix an outstanding immersive experience.

SPAT Revolution is the result of a partnership between FLUX:: Immersive and the French research institute Ircam (information below), created to bring the vast research in acoustics and music performed at Ircam available to the market.

Audio-Technica’s David Walters said "FLUX's SPAT Revolution stands as the first-choice tool for immersive production among professionals and creatives. It serves as the perfect bridge for integrating our BP3600 microphone seamlessly into highly complex immersive audio setups. So I am very excited for the full-fledged support of the BP3600 within SPAT Revolution - users can now readily experience the benefits of its advanced features and enhance their immersive audio production endeavors with these two great tools."

FLUX:: Immersive’s Hugo Larin said “We are excited to support the new three-dimensional Audio-Technica BP3600 channel base microphone, making it incredibly easy to capture and create an immersive soundscape in SPAT Revolution. This is a powerful addition to the rapidly growing world of immersive audio productions, giving sound designers and other creatives in this field new ways to capture the action.”