Sommer cable HICON BNC0.8/3.7-6G-SM

SommerCable BNC08 37 6G SM seite

The HICON BNC0.8/3.7-6G-SM connector can be mounted without bulky crimping tools. Its revolutionary plug-in system simplifies the mounting of BNC and RG cables. The connector can be mounted simply by hand or with the help of two wrenches (size 12 mm and 13 mm / 1/2” inch). To do this, strip the cable using a sharp knife or stripping tool, insert the cable into the connector and lock it in place by tightening the end cap. It is therefore ideally suited for safe and uncomplicated assembly or repair of cables on the road.

The HICON BNC0.8/3.7-6G-SM connector fits almost all 0.8/3.7 video cables and transmits the 3G and 6G video standard. It is also predestined for connecting S-PDIF units. The robust SC-VECTOR (600-0162) is an excellent counterpart, as it is ideally suited for secure data transmission over longer distances and guarantees a low return loss.

The HICON BNC connector has a discreet matt black end cap and can be coded with two stretchable colour rings of the HI-UC series to simplify attribution. A three micrograms hard gold-plated pin, as well as an extremely robust metal enclosure, ensure a high number of mating cycles. The quality and durability of the mating cycles are regularly tested in-house by means of a special-designed automatic machine.

In addition to BNC connectors, the HICON Screw & Play series also includes jack plug connectors, RCA/phono connectors.