Date for SUPERBOOTH 2024 + SB23 announced

The SUPERBOOTH BERLIN announces the date for the next edition of Superbooth: SUPERBOOTH24 will be happening from the 16th to the 18th of May 2024 at FEZ-Berlin. Pre-sale tickets for SB24 will be available from the first of November 2023. Brands and manufacturers that are interested in exhibiting at SB24 can already contact us. More information regarding SB24 will follow in the fall.

For the SUPERBOOTH BERLIN, even during the beginning of this year being able to securely plan for 2024 was not a given. Like many large-scale events and festivals, the Superbooth had faced substantial financial difficulties due to pandemic-related cancellations and restrictions. This year’s SB23 was the first Superbooth that could happen without restrictions since 2019, and its success was crucial in deciding the future of the event. As such, the SUPERBOOTH BERLIN announces that SUPERBOOTH23 was a resounding success that was able to secure the continuation of the event. As the biggest and most successful Superbooth to date, SB23 trumped even the previous record year 2019 with over 250 exhibitors from all the world and over 9000 visitors and participants.

Even on social media, SUPERBOOTH23 was more present than ever, perhaps because of the event’s continued, but amplified focus on inclusivity and diversity in the electronic music technology industry, a direction that was welcomed enthusiastically by most of the Superbooth’s visitors and participants. With initiatives such as the “Minibooth” for children and adolescents, workshops for women and nonbinary people and a women’s quota in the performance booking, the SUPERBOOTH23 attempted to showcase a way towards a more open and inclusive future of electronic music-making.

The various musical performance stages gave the SB23 the character of a music festival, with a musical focus on special live performances that fall outside the reach of typical large-scale festival bookings. The new session stage brought new genres such as dub, reggae, and different forms of bass music to the event. In the evening hours, the ever-popular Strandbühne (beach stage) with its relaxed vibe and various catering offerings conjured an atmosphere that lived up to the energy of a proper music festival. During SB23, attendees often remarked that there was a noticeable relaxed, perhaps even euphoric atmosphere that could be felt all across the event. The Superbooth’s unique concept of a “trade fair with the spirit of a festival” has once again proven itself as something unique within the world of electronic music.

For 2024, the SUPERBOOTH BERLIN will further build on the success of 2023 but of course also attempt to make the event even better, so that it can continue to live up to its status as the world’s biggest trade fair for electronic musical instruments. As such, the SUPERBOOTH BERLIN is open and thankful for feedback of any kind.