New Lake People Manufacture in Gauting

LakePeople Gauting

Quality prevails. As a result, Lake People faces the rising demand for products from the brands Lake People, Violectric, Niimbus and Mogami with an expansion of the production facilities. Lake People opens the new manufacturing site in Gauting in addition to its headquarters in Constance. The team in Upper Bavaria has been supporting the headquarter for some time, the opening of the new facility makes Gauting an official part of the Lake People production. The new location includes specialized workstations for the various steps of production and provide the well-trained personnel with an ideal working environment.

The new location in Gauting follows the same Lake People policy of absolute quality. The team of experienced specialists manufactures the devices by hand with the same precision, picks the components with the same diligence and tests the results with the same rigour as the Constance-based manufacture. “There was no space for expansion in Constance,” Lake People electronic CEO Christof Mallmann explains. “That is why we decided to create a new facility here in Gauting and fully integrate the team that already supported the headquarter anyway.”

The two Lake People locations are separated physically as well as in terms of products. The new facility in Gauting manufactures all Lake People products, assembles the Mogami cables and produces the Violectric 2 series (V202 and V222). The entire rest of the Violectric portfolio, including the high-end brand Niimbus, is still manufactured at Lake Constance. The R&D department also remains in Constance with mastermind Fried Reim at the helm. “This expansion gives us the chance to hone and optimize all steps of the production for even greater focus,” Reim is delighted with the development.

Despite the physical separation, the Lake People brands remain closely connected. The development for all brands is still in Constance. And the team appears as a unit, as Christof Mallmann describes: “The people in Constance and Gauting constantly communicate with each other and act as one team. For most processes, the distance between the locations is not relevant.”