Mackie DLZ Creator

Mackie DLZ Creator

Mackie, a manufacturer of high-quality, easy-to-use, and innovative audio products introduces DLZ Creator - a powerful, adaptable digital mixer designed for broadcast-quality podcasting and streaming at any experience level.  Designed to meet the demands of today’s content creators, DLZ Creator is a professional digital audio solution with unmatched versatility, including automated setup functions and powerful DLZ Work Modes for quick and easy professional results.

At the heart of DLZ Creator is Mix Agent technology. This built-in software works like a personal audio engineering assistant and includes a guided setup that walks the user through every step of the content creation process. Mix Agent can automatically set gain levels, load presets based on the input type, configure headphone output and more. AutoMix functionality enables everyone to be heard clearly, even during crosstalk, and keeps the main level consistent.  

With DLZ Work Modes, the user can select between three options: Easy, Enhanced, and Pro. DLZ Work Modes go far beyond typical advanced settings menus, changing the entire user interface (UI) to adapt to each creator’s needs based on the chosen mode. From the preset-based Easy Mode to the hands-on Pro Mode, all three DLZ Modes harness the full processing power built into DLZ Creator.

Onboard effects include parametric EQ, de-esser, compressor and gate, Atomizer Reverb and Chronotronic Delay, with controls that match the creator’s experience level. By providing the benefits of pro-level gear in an easy-to-use format, DLZ Creator delivers rich, detailed recordings with high production value - without overwhelming creators who want professional results, fast.

DLZ Creator offers a full suite of hardware features required for modern content producers. Ten input channels, including four Mic/Line inputs with all-new Onyx80 preamps, provide up to 80dB of gain. Dual 1/4-inch TRS inputs, a stereo smartphone input (3.5mm TRS), and Bluetooth and USB inputs add more input flexibility. Four discrete headphone outputs provide custom mixes for each user.

Mackie DLZ Creator rear

Enjoy unparalleled control at your fingertips via the 10.1-inch full-color anti-glare touch display along with nine professional long-throw faders, five dynamically color-coded rotary controllers, and six backlit soft keys for sample triggering. Capture full multitrack audio to your computer via the integrated 14x4 USB-C interface or record and playback direct to an external flash drive or the integrated SD card slot.

The all-new Mackie DLZ Creator truly gives content creators and streamers of all experience levels the power, features, and control they need to take their content to the next level.