TASCAM announces the debut of the full size TSQD-128A SDXC media card. Evaluated in combination with the company’s numerous products that employ SD cards as the storage medium, each TSQD-128A card is checked and pre-formatted by TASCAM before shipment to ensure optimum performance, making them ready for use immediately - with guaranteed compatibility.

The TSQD-128A SD card supports the UHS-I (Ultra High Speed) standard that increases the speed of the bus interface and improves transfer speeds - resulting in high-speed performance with a maximum transfer rate of 95MB/sec (read) and 85MB/sec (write). By creating a customized media card for recording, file fragmentation and slow random access that can occur with repeated use is improved. This was accomplished by conducting our own in-house original media evaluations and then selecting media which is IC resistant to repeated random access. TASCAM engineering worked in close coordination with the media manufacturer to ensure that fixed components (control ICs, memory devices, etc.) verified to work with TASCAM products are implemented into the TSQD-128A SD card. As a result of TASCAM collaborating on the design, there is less chance for incompatibility due to production reasons, and we can assure high stability for use with all TASCAM products that have high-capacity media capability and use a full-size media card.

Equally notable, the TSQD-128A provides a minimum speed class of 30MB/sec with support for UHS Speed Class 3 and Video Speed Class V30. The result is random access-resistant media, with a high level of stability. Further, by recognizing the popularity of the SD card medium, the TSQD-128A is adaptable with other non-TASCAM high capacity SDXC-compatible devices that use a full-size media card.

The TASCAM TSQD-128A SD Card is available now.