Dear Reality MIYA

DearReality MIYA GUI small

MIYA, Dear Reality’s latest wavelet distortion plugin for audio signals, follows a radically different approach to distortion by creating a wide range of permutations of the original input using adjustable harmonics. Users can re-synthesize their audio and ‘sculpt’ their sounds like on a synthesizer, ranging from slight alterations and subtle textures to gnarly distortion and even massive sub-harmonics.

Unlike ordinary distortion effects, MIYA processes the original input by detecting zero-crosses and replacing the original signal between them with additively synthesized waveforms. “We are specialists in spatial audio, but we are also passionate about exciting audio algorithms outside of our spatial audio focus,” explains Felix Lau, product owner at Dear Reality. “A perfect example of this is MIYA’s unique digital distortion technology, in which the listener can recognize both the footprint of the original and the synthesized sound.” With MIYA, users can spice up any sounds, add texture, or again wreck the original signal to recreate it from scratch with precisely tuned wavelets.

MIYA's real-time visualizer provides immediate feedback using four different colors. Short orange vertical lines indicate detected zero-crosses, while a grey line shows the incoming original signal. A blue line plots the generated signal, and a green line visualizes the output from the plugin, a mix of wet and dry signals.

MIYA allows users to go from rich textures to gnarly glitches: In the Analyzer section, they can define the length of the wavelets and create unique resonances by discarding detected zero-crossings – the longer the wavelet, the lower the synthesized tone. The generated signal can be adjusted individually, with the five Harmonics sliders creating a variety of harmonics ranging from 1st to 5th.

MIYA’s internal gate provides enhanced input signal control, allowing users to eliminate quieter sounds like background noise or to emphasize rhythmic aspects of the original signal. Furthermore, the signal generated by the additive synthesizer can be boosted based on the amplitude of the initially detected wavelet.

MIYA is available now in the Dear Reality store.