NORAND Mono MK2 small

Mono was always intended to be the ultimate monophonic synthesizer. After 3 years of existence and hundreds of interactions with their vibrant user community, it seemed logical to work on a new hardware version capable of handling the many new features that NORAND had in mind. MK2 implements 4 years of internal updates to their acclaimed discrete analog path, with the addition of a custom soft overdrive circuit on the output that multiplies the sonic capabilities of mono.

MK2 introduces 3D sensors to the mini-keyboard, allowing for expressive control over each note. Velocity, aftertouch, pitch bend and vertical modulation are all available directly on the keyboard. 3D sensors are also used for the sequencer and page buttons, enabling dozens of new musical features such as live playhead, multi-pattern morphing, and precise control over patterns.

MK2 uses a 1024 PPQN sequencer system, allowing you to record high-resolution automations using the knobs and buttons. The 3D sequencer strip allows precise creation and editing of these automations using the curve mode. Fully machined aluminum body, RGB LED, UI enhancement, microSD storage, USB-C, USB host mode and more!

Get your hands on the brand new NORAND Mono MK2 release in the main building on platform O at Superbooth 2023 in Berlin, Germany. At the entrance take the big spiral staircase to the top and look for booth O246.