VSL SYNCHRON-ized Percussion

VSL SYzedPercussion Gongs small

The Vienna Symphonic Library announces the release of a new instrument collection along with several sub-collections. SYNCHRON-ized Percussion is based on the VI Collection Percussion and features a vast array of instruments that were recorded in Vienna’s second studio, the Silent Stage. The entire sample database was updated and optimized for the Vienna Synchron Player. The instruments of SYNCHRON-ized Percussion are grouped in six separately available Percussion Packs: Timpani, Drums, Cymbals & Gongs, Mallets, Bells, and Orchestral Percussion.

SYNCHRON-ized Percussion is currently available at an introductory price of €285 (reg. €395). Prices of individual Percussion Packs start at €52. Upgrade paths from the VI Series Collection Percussion as well as from VI Single Instruments are available, starting at €20.

At the same time, the Austrian company announces the start of a promotion on all Big Bang Orchestra Packs with discounts of up to 42% as well as a special promo code for purchases of the series’ most popular product, Big Bang Orchestra: Andromeda.

SYNCHRON-ized Percussion is a collection that includes over 130 instruments that were recorded in the tight and controlled ambience of Vienna’s second studio, the Silent Stage. All drums and percussion instruments can therefore be placed in any acoustic environment and on any position in a room, from dry closets to halls and venues such as the rooms provided by Vienna MIR Pro 3D.

Each instrument comes with customized impulse responses that make placing them in their ideal spot on the virtual Synchron Stage Vienna a breeze. Mixer Presets such as Close, Classic, Distant, with or without the Synchron Player’s included MIR convolution technology, guarantee a perfect sound “out of the box” and match the acoustic placement of the Synchron Series instruments that were recorded on the large Stage A of Vienna’s own Hollywood-approved scoring stage.

The instruments of SYNCHRON-ized Percussion are grouped in six separately available Percussion Packs that correspond to the instruments of the Synchron Percussion Packs, with equal mappings to make it easy to exchange and try out instruments from both Series. Compared to Synchron Percussion, the instruments of the SYNCHRON-ized Percussion Collection were not only recorded in a separate acoustic environment, they’re also different makes of the same instruments with their own individual sound characteristics and were played by different musicians, therefore adding more flexibility and variety to Vienna Symphonic Library's arsenal of percussion instruments.

All instruments offer a broad spectrum of meticulously sampled articulations, from single hits with various beaters to static rolls, crescendo and diminuendo rolls, upbeats and repetitions, depending on the styles and variations each instrument has to offer. The Synchron Player’s “Key Info” feature makes it easy to find articulations and provides a great overview of the available mappings.