Lake People debuts new product at NAMM 2023

Lake People exhibits at American Music & Sound booth 11110 at NAMM 2023 from 13th to 15th April the entirety of its product portfolio. In addition to the established headphone amplifiers, converters and mic preamps, the manufacture from Lake Constance also introduces an entirely new product.

NAMM 2023 is a very special event for Lake People, as the German company will introduce an entirely new product in Anaheim – and one as has not been done before by the manufacturer. All attendees of NAMM 2023 are cordially invited to experience the exciting news for studio professionals at its unveiling on the first day of the show.

While there is a lot of focus on the new product, Lake People still remains true to its strengths without forgoing innovation. Shining example of this approach is the headphone amplifier G108. It combines the virtues of professional studio head amps with the balanced headphone output predominantly known in the audiophile world up to now. By separating the ground for left and right channels, headphones in balanced operation achieve much better sound. Many established studio headphones can easily be adjusted to balanced use – the G108 opens completely new sonic dimensions to audio professionals.

Lake People will exhibit the entire product range at NAMM 2023, from the smallest headphone amplifier G103 MKII to G105 MKII with its clever split circuitry, to the F series mic preamps, to reference converter DAT RS 05. Due to its complete development and manufacturing in Germany, the Lake People products deliver outstanding sound properties, exquisite craftsmanship and great longevity. “Tools – not toys” is the company’s motto, and consequently the portfolio consists of high-quality tools for discerning professionals.

Lake People will exhibit at NAMM 2023 from 13th to 15th April at booth 11110 with American Music & Sound in the Anaheim Convention Center. In addition to the comprehensive product catalogue, mastermind Fried Reim will be available for questions. The Lake People team is looking forward to great conversations.