Zoom UAC-232

Zoom UAC 232 front

Zoom introduces the all-new UAC-232. The ZOOM UAC-232 USB Audio Converter is the first dedicated 32-bit float audio interface, designed for musicians who demand more quality in their productions.

Whether you're recording in the studio or on stage, sound levels can fluctuate. The UAC-232’s 32-bit float technology captures clip-free, low-noise recordings without the need to set gain. Featuring the same clean, low-noise preamps used in our professional F-Series recorders, the UAC-232 guarantees high-quality recordings in any setting. Whether you’re recording or streaming live, with 32-bit float technology you don’t have to worry about getting the ideal input gain or monitoring your levels. For podcasters and voiceover artists, 32-bit float ensures full quality audio for the entire dynamic range of a performance. It also protects against clipping when levels are not being monitored.

The UAC-232 Mix Control software allows you to modify I/O routing, activate loopback, and control input and monitoring levels. You can also activate Music mode to route to your DAW or Streaming mode combining all inputs into a single signal for streaming software. The Loopback function combines the input audio with playback from your computer and routes it to your software. Perfect for adding background music to your stream or singing live with an instrumental track.

Zoom UAC 232 rear

Use the Direct Monitor Switch to send the input signal directly to your headphones while routing the same signal to your DAW or streaming software. Mix Control allows you to adjust volume and pan for your direct monitor feed. The UAC-232 USB Audio Converter features two XLR/TRS combo inputs for mic or line level input with +48V phantom power available for condenser microphones. Use the Guitar/Bass button to activate Hi-Z for recording guitar directly. Monitor louder and clearer with the 100 milliwatt headphone output. Enough power to drive the most demanding headphones with no distortion. To listen on studio monitors, the UAC-232 includes two TRS main outputs with volume control. The MIDI in/out allows you to connect to external MIDI gear such as drum machines, synths and keyboards.

The UAC-232 Audio Converter can be placed anywhere. Set it up vertically, horizontally or even mount it to a mic stand with the included hook-and-loop straps. Connect the UAC-232 via USB when recording and streaming on PC and Mac with software like Cubase, Pro Tools, OBS and more. Record and stream in 24-bit with iOS devices using Apps such as Garage Band, YouTube, and instagram.