PSI Audio at ISE 2023

PSI Audio ISE 2023 A215 M
PSI Audio A215-M

From 31st January to 3rd February, PSI Audio will exhibit Swiss precision speakers and the innovative bass trap AVAA C20 at Integrated Systems Europe 2023 in Barcelona. Attendees are cordially invited to find PSI Audio at booth 2J500, where they will get to experience demonstrations of the new A215-M and the AVAA system.

The A215-M by PSI Audio might be the sleekest mastering monitor in the world – it certainly is one of the most accurate. At ISE 2023, PSI Audio introduces a new iteration of the floor-standing model, now featuring a new handmade tweeter developed and produced in the PSI Audio manufacture. With this latest improvement, the A215-M achieves even better performance, specifically enhancing its transparency and balance. Whether for mastering purposes or for private music enjoyment, the updated A215-M delivers absolute sonic fidelity in a very stylish and compact format.

While most PSI Audio products introduce sound waves into a room, the Swiss manufacturer also has a solution to remove some of them: the AVAA C20 is an active bass trap that works in the range from 15 to 150 Hz. It does not require calibration by the user or tuning to any specific frequency – it just removes energy from the room. For ISE 2023, PSI Audio have come up with a clever way of demonstrating the AVAA’s performance with a special box at the booth, so attendees can easily hear the outstanding efficiency of the innovative system for themselves. The box acts as a stand-in for a larger room, resonating when bass frequencies are introduced – which the AVAA C20 then mitigates as it would in an actual studio or listening space.

PSI Audio speakers are revered around the world for their fidelity and accuracy – the speakers from Yverdon-les-Bains reproduce sound exactly as it was intended. The all-analogue technology includes proprietary features such as Adaptive Output Impedance (AOI), Compensated Phase Response (CPR) and Class G/H amplifiers. Every PSI Audio product is handcrafted in the company’s own workshop, down to the components – like the new tweeter in the A215-M. And every single product is painstakingly measured and calibrated in the anechoic chamber to meet the standards of PSI Audio. Professionals rely on the Swiss precision speakers, audiophiles swear by them – PSI Audio delivers the real thing.

From 31st January to 3rd February 2023, attendees of Integrated Systems Europe can visit PSI Audio at booth 2J500 to experience the fascination of absolute precision in sound reproduction for themselves. The PSI Audio team looks forward to meeting attendees, discussing tech and answering questions.