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sonible is introducing a Metering Bundle featuring true:balance and true:level. These new metering tools boast sonible’s intuitive interface design, interactive visualization and straightforward, no-fuss approach. While true:balance precisely monitors the spectral balance of any track, true:level enables users to keep an eye on the interplay of loudness and dynamics.

sonible’s new metering plug-ins, true:balance and true:level, radically improve and streamline audio workflows. Both plug-ins feature a range of target-oriented reference options that draw from a vast amount of audio data and hands-on mixing experience. Catering to the practical needs of users with varying levels of expertise, these reference options are designed for maximum consistency and efficiency.

With true:balance, users have access to all the information and guidance they need for a well-balanced mix. An adjustable spectrum analyzer displays both the real-time spectrum of the input signal and the average spectrum over time. To meet listening expectations, true:balance allows to compare the spectral distribution of a mix in reference to either different genres or custom reference tracks.

The plug-in’s ability to display level-values - in the lows, mids, and highs - relative to the chosen reference, lets the user focus on the overall balance of their mix and avoids the distraction of too many details. At a quick glance, target indicators show whether input signal levels are close to the suggested values of the reference. For those who appreciate additional guidance, a Balance Check suggests what actions to take in order to achieve a distribution similar to the chosen reference. For precise insight into the proportion of the left and right channels and consequently the mono compatibility of a mix, true:balance also sports a channel data section with all the essential info concerning stereo width and correlation values.

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By popular demand, sonible has developed true:level as a stand-alone metering plug-in based on smart:limit’s extensive loudness and dynamics monitoring section. Its unique visualization of the interplay between loudness and dynamics makes true:level a revolutionary metering tool for finding just the right trade-off between these qualities in a track.

When finalizing a track for publication, users can draw from a range of common references, including the loudness values required for different streaming platforms and the dynamics appropriate for various genres - or they can upload custom reference tracks. With a final Level Check, the plug-in then suggests any necessary actions to achieve the specifications of the reference. Additional features, such as loudness and dynamics histograms, give users a detailed but coherent overview of the audio material’s overall quality.

„Adding the dedicated metering plug-ins true:balance and true:level to our portfolio of intelligent processing tools seemed like the logical next step in providing postproduction software that allows users to focus on their creativity rather than leaving them to second-guess technical decisions.” Alexander Wankhammer, CMO and co-founder sonible GmbH

Key Features

  • Metering Bundle with true:balance and true:level
  • Dedicated focus on spectral distribution and loudness and dynamics
  • Real-time metering with insightful visualization
  • A vast range of reference options for an efficient workflow
  • Straightforward and intuitive user interface
  • Balance and Level Checks for reliable changes

Regular price: € 99,- | Introduction price (until December 9, 2022): € 69,-

Individual plug-ins

Regular price: € 69,- | Introduction price (until December 9, 2022): € 49,-