Lake People G108

lakepeople g108 front

The G108 headphone amplifier from Lake People makes balanced push-pull amplifier technology available in a device designed for studio use. It enables high-end headphones to perform at their peak with detailed sound and fascinating stereo localisation.

The Lake People G108 introduces the balanced signal path known from Violectric high-end hifi products to studio applications. In addition to the familiar 1/4-inch jack, the G108 also sports a four-pin XLR output to connect to balanced high-end headphones, fully exploiting their sonic potential. Separating the ground of the left and right channels achieves an outstanding stereo image with a wide stage and perfect localisation of individual instruments, making the G108 a perfect partner for demanding mastering applications. What is more, the new model also boasts features such as high damping and ample power at minimum noise. It is qualities like these that continue to establish Lake People products from Constance as untouchable reference devices in audio facilities around the world.

The Lake People G108 was designed to deliver pristine audio quality regardless of the circumstances. Accordingly, its feature set has been specifically tailored to accommodate the requirements of mixing and mastering environments. The rear panel offers inputs for balanced or unbalanced signals, which can be activated via a switch, so source devices can stay connected without influencing each other. Aside from the outputs for balanced or unbalanced headphones, the front panel presents 25-mm knobs milled from solid aluminium to finely tune volume and balance. A dip switch changes the output signal from stereo to mono. The left channel can also be reversed in its polarity to easily identify possible phase errors.

Balanced headphones have the advantage of allowing the amplifier to work as a push-pull design. The Lake People G108 realizes this principle with four individual power amps, amplifying the positive or negative half wave of the stereo channels respectively. The voice coil is actively pushed or pulled, hence the name of the design. This minimises interference from the cables while also eliminating the problematic shared ground, remarkably improving stereo separation – both stereo channels operate independently. As you would expect from Lake People, the amplifiers of the G108 deliver a lot of power, driving even high-impedance and low-efficiency headphones without problems. Whether the engineer prefers dynamic or magnetostatic headphones, the Lake People G108 delivers a fascinatingly detailed sound image allowing for the reliable assessment of all dynamic, spectral and spatial aspects of the material at hand.

lakepeople g108 rear

One of the biggest challenges high-quality headphone amplifiers need to overcome is the range of different impedances of the transducers. The G108 by Lake People effortlessly drives models from 8 to 600 ohms with uncompromising sound quality. The secret behind this flexibility is twofold: one, the amplifiers deliver up to 2,700 milliwatts of power; two, the G108 uses the pre gain circuit known from other Lake People and Violectric products. The preamplification can be adjusted in five steps from -18 to +18 dB inside the device. Impedance and sensitivity of the favourite model of headphones become insignificant, as the pre gain circuit guarantees a perfect, finely adjustable volume control with minimal noise and an impressive dynamic range of more than 125 dB.

Lake People products stand for top quality and longevity made in Germany. The G108 is no exception: the housing is made from thick, black anodized aluminium, all sockets and controls are screwed on tight. The development team around mastermind Fried Reim is aware of the fact that even the best electronics can only function properly when matched with appropriate power supply. Hence, the G108 is equipped with a large toroidal transformer that will easily deal with bass-heavy, dynamic material at high volumes.

The balanced headphone amplifier G108 by Lake People is available early November from select retailers and through the online store at The price is 699.90 euros.