Mackie CR2-X Cube, CR2-X Bar Pro, and CR6S-X

Mackie CR2 X Cube small
Mackie CR2-X Cube

Mackie, a company with expertise in high-quality professional audio products, has unveiled the latest additions to their award-winning CR-X Series of monitor speakers. Introducing the CR2-X Cube compact desktop speakers, the CR2-X Bar Pro desktop soundbar, and the CR6S-X powered subwoofer.

These new speakers incorporate BMR driver technology to give all the benefits of the CR-X experience in a reduced footprint. These custom Balanced Mode Radiators make it possible to deliver unbelievably clear, immersive sound from compact, desk-friendly enclosures. This innovative, flat disc design eliminates the need for a separate high frequency driver and crossover while also removes any boxy megaphone effects common with traditional speaker cones. Despite their small size, users will notice room-filling dispersion, lifelike stereo imaging, and rich full-range sound normally reserved for much larger speakers.

The CR2-X Cube propels Mackie’s legacy of pro audio performance an easy-listening design that can be enjoyed anywhere in the home. The CR2-X Bar Pro is a premium desktop soundbar, delivering massive sonic performance in a compact, stealthy profile that tucks neatly under your computer monitor. Each model features powerful BMR drivers which deliver an audio experience that will be the joy of gamers, content creators, and audiophiles alike.

Designed as the perfect companion piece to the CR2-X Cube or the CR2-X Bar Pro, the CR6S-X features a high-output, down-firing 6.5” woofer combined with a meticulously tuned port to provide the deep, punchy bass you’d expect from much larger systems.

Mackie CR6S X

The CR2-X Cube and Bar Pro offer a host of connectivity options for unparalleled versatility. Plug an analog source into the Aux input, connect digitally via USB-C, or go wireless via Bluetooth. The CR2-X Cube’s integrated front panel headphone output gives you privacy and personal monitoring when you want it, and the Bar Pro gives you integrated, selectable RGB LED lighting and a choice of three tone presets for Music, Voice, and Gaming. Both feature capacitive touch control for volume and mute, and a built-in subwoofer output and Subwoofer Crossover Mode that makes it easy to bring in more bottom end via the matching CR6S-X or any other subwoofer.

Mackie CR2 X Bar Pro

“The CR-X Series has earned a well-deserved reputation as the most bang for the buck among compact studio monitors,” stated Tyler Vaughn, Product Manager. “Now we’re bringing that same great sonic performance and compact footprint to the gaming and multimedia space.”

CR2-X Cube, CR2-X Bar Pro, and CR6S-X are available at your favorite music or pro audio dealer, or on the website below, with a price of $179.99 (CR2-X Cube), $179.99 (CR6SX-Sub) and $199.99 (CR2-X Bar Pro).