Lewitt Connect6

Today, we use audio interfaces for more. We record music, host podcasts, take zoom calls, and participate in live streams on social media. Naturally, this introduces workarounds or the need for additional software, which doesn’t make life easier. With the new CONNECT 6 audio interface, you don’t need workarounds, as it extends the usability of an audio interface beyond basic recording functionalities to easily manage any audio workflow you need. It features extensive hardware connectivity, full iOS/Android device integration, excellent sounding studio-grade preamps, powerful onboard DSP effects, mixer, virtual channels, and a Control Center software to easily manage any audio workflow you need.

CONNECT 6 is a Dual USB-C audio interface with game-changing flexibility for creators and musicians. It features extensive analog and digital connectivity, full iOS/Android device integration, and excellent sounding studio-grade preamps. The onboard DSP (Digital signal processor) offers virtual channels, a mixer, loopback, and individual routing managed via the included Control Center software.

You can set up workflows from basic to complex easily, and since your audio is processed via the hardware-based DSP, your setup is highly stable and independent from your computer’s performance. Everything is conveniently managed on a single device.

Lewitt Connect6 rear

Today use audio interfaces more. We make music, create podcasts, take zoom calls, participate in live streams, or produce content for social media. This increases the number of necessary workarounds and additional software needed. Even an intuitively simple thing, like recording exactly what you hear on your headphones is not possible without a workaround.  With CONNECT 6 a new era of usability begins. CONNECT 6 expands the classic audio interface towards personalized and smooth audio workflows, with crystal-clear sound quality and high ease of use.

CONNECT 6 provides crystal-clear sound with any microphone. Simply plug it into any of the two studio grade preamps via the XLR/ Jack combo inputs. Both preamps come with an industry leading low noise performance of -133dBV EIN and 72 dB of gain, which is more than enough to use any microphone without needing expensive signal boosters. Activate Auto Setup and let CONNECT 6 find the optimal settings for your voice or instrument automatically.

Enjoy professional sound right from the start by adding DSP-powered effects to your voice. Refine your sound using an expander, compressor, or 4-band EQ without introducing latency to your monitoring or using precious CPU power from your computer.

Lewitt Connect6 FX small

CONNECT 6 lets you fully integrate your mobile device (or a 2nd computer) into your audio setup. Connect your mobile device via the second USB-C port for lossless digital audio transfer while conveniently charging it at the same time.

This unique feature allows you to send high-class audio to mobile applications or record audio from your mobile device onto your computer. You can also connect a 2nd computer instead of a mobile device to digitally send and receive audio between two computers. CONNECT 6 is Apple MFI certified for iPhone/iPad and works perfectly with Android devices.

Creating a custom audio setup and presets is super easy with the included Control Center software. Combine the microphone signal with other audio sources from your computer, mobile device, or other inputs. With three virtual stereo channels, a loopback channel to capture audio from your browser, game, or Zoom call. You can create two completely independent audio mixes, Mix A and B. 

Lewitt Connect6 Mixer

For example, Mix A could be used for personal monitoring while Mix B is being sent wherever you need it, be it your DAW, a streaming software, or a virtual meeting. You can even send your mix to applications on your mobile device. Both mix outputs feature a one-knob Maximizer to ensure that your mixes always have the optimal loudness level.

The two independent headphone amps bring out the best in any headphone. They are powerful enough to drive high impedance studio headphones. Both can be fed with individual mixes and support zero-latency monitoring even with the DSP-powered effects engaged.