Zaor Maestro Solo 12+6

zaor maestro solo

Outboard gear will always have a place in the professional studio. No matter how all-encompassing in-the-box solutions become or how well plug-ins recreate the sound of certain processors, nothing compares to dialing in your compression with actual physical knobs. The Zaor Maestro Solo 12+6 adapts the popular Maestro desk concept for sidecars that perfectly complement any main desks or mixing consoles.

The Zaor Maestro desks are immensely popular mixing and mastering solutions employed all around the world. The firm wood construction is airy enough to allow for ideal ventilation of analogue 19-inch processors. With the entire design optimised for acoustic performance, the Maestro desks do not get in the way of listening. With the new Maestro Solo 12+6, the outstanding Maestro concept can now be employed as an extension to other desks and mixing consoles, offering twelve rack units at the top and six more at the bottom. As a sidecar, the Maestro Solo 12+6 holds all the valued analogue and digital treasures in a construction that is both outstandingly practical and mesmerizingly beautiful.

Whether a studio employs a big old-school analogue mixing console, a digital mixing or controller surface, or just a compact setup with mouse and keyboard for all in-the-box producing, the Zaor Maestro Solo 12+6 is the perfect extension to hold outboard equipment. While it functions as a side rack, holding all those rackable gems, the Maestro Solo 12+6 still retains the ergonomic qualities of a producer desk, allowing easy access and great overview. It may feel appropriate to bow before precious compressors, EQs and preamps – however, it is much more ergonomic to remain upright and operate the processors in a relaxed seated or standing position. And it is acoustically advantageous, too! The Maestro Solo 12+6 looks great on its own, but it is really designed to allow outboard gear to achieve its full potential – along with the engineer operating it.

As part of the Classic line from Zaor, the Maestro Solo 12+6 is made from high-quality wood and MDF, immaculately handcrafted by experienced specialists in the company’s own workshop. Its luxurious appearance and excitingly elegant finish are indicative of the gear it was designed to hold: legendary dynamics and spectral processors will look right at home in the Maestro Solo 12+6. Along with its sibling desks, the Maestro 36 and Maestro 24, and other desks from the Classic line like the Onda, the Maestro Solo 12+6 marks the top range in the Zaor catalogue – a fine example of how well-made furniture can enhance a studio in both look and feel.

The Zaor Maestro Solo 12+6 is available immediately in the colours Cherry, Oak or Silver, all combined with Matte Black. The price is 1,449.00 EUR.