Manual production by Lake People and Violectric

cmaaudio lake people soldering
Picture: Lake People

The “handmade” seal of quality applies to all Lake People and Violectric products. While automated processes enable comparably cheap circuit board production, Lake People sticks with the manufacture approach and continues with the manual production to ensure perfect sound.

An audio signal runs through a large number of switches, capacitors, amplifiers, plugs and wires – every single one of these components can influence the sound. Even the soldering points can subtly change the audio, leading to an accumulated effect of colouring the material through the many joints. For this reason, Lake People has committed itself to manual production. It may be more work, and hence take more time, to solder the circuit boards by hand, but this passion from mastermind Fried Reim and his specialists at Lake People makes a decisive difference in sound.

For most people, the term “manufacture” conjures up images of high-quality standards, select components and particularly fine sound properties. All of which certainly is true of the exquisite amplifiers from Lake People and Violectric. Specialized tasks like the soldering of components to a circuit board require expertise and absolute precision. The delicate integrated circuits could easily be damaged by inexperienced hands, while soldering from a real expert affects the entire production chain. Every product is continually checked and tested through this manual process, unlike in automated processes. True handiwork is another badge of honour for the products from Lake People and Violectric.

From the very beginning, amplifiers and converters by Lake People would regularly be tested for wear and tear in the manufacture. Decade old systems are still up to code, making them very reliable even today. This longevity makes the products timeless and sustainable. In rare cases, when an old system does not live up to the standards, the simple replacement of a small component can be enough to bring it back. Lake People and Violectric amplifiers are an investment for life.

Ever since its beginnings in the mid 1980s, the company Lake People is among the most prestigious German manufacturers of audio studio technology. With Violectric, the collected know-how is also available for home entertainment environments and hifi enthusiasts. Focussing on quality not only in soldering, but every aspect of production, all developing and assembling takes place in the company’s workshop and headquarters at Lake Constance. A large part of supplies is also sourced from Germany, a lot even in close proximity to the Lake People manufacture in Constance. All Lake People and Violectric products are guaranteed to feature carefully selected components that were assembled to highest quality standards by excellently trained experts.