sonible smart:comp 2

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sonible’s latest addition to its line-up of intelligent plug-ins, smart:comp 2, combines a multi-dimensional compression approach with a wide range of sound-shaping options in an exceptionally versatile go-to compressor. smart:comp 2 is made for producers who are going for a clean sound as well as adventurous sound designers – and everyone in between.

smart:comp 2 is a unique compressor plug-in that uses intelligent processing and automatic parametrization to deliver precise and transparent results without compromising the integrity of the input signal. With its wide range of new profiles, smart:comp 2’s trailblazing algorithms find well-balanced dynamics for single tracks, busses and even entire mixes. To add the right vibe to any signal, users can shape the compression character anywhere from a clean, transparent style to a dirty, punchy sound with a simple dial.

The compressor’s revolutionary spectral processing ensures a dynamic balance at all times with up to 2000 bands constantly working to enhance transparency and also drives smart:comp 2’s remarkable ducking abilities. Potential spectral clashes between the input and the sidechain signal are automatically corrected to give the sidechain signal exactly the space it needs.

Although smart:comp 2 is driven by complex algorithmic innovations in digital sound engineering, users will find the plug-in straightforward and intuitive to use – it actually feels like handling a familiar single band compressor.

Shaping dynamics to achieve distinctive sounds has never been easier than with smart:comp 2. This AI-powered audio compressor features a range of completely new controls giving users maximum creative freedom. Among them is a free-form transfer function for achieving sophisticated compression goals, such as selective boosting of signal levels or parallel-style compression. Even the temporal attack and release behavior of the compressor can be freely designed; offering users a sonic playground for unleashing their creativity.

smart:comp 2 is packed with features, such as mid/side processing and input level riding, that make compression workflows hassle-free. To ensure that users are able to keep track of each parameter’s impact on the signal, smart:comp 2 is equipped with real-time monitoring elements, including: instant impact prediction, compression mapping and an RMS level histogram that visualizes the overall dynamics of a track.

With smart:comp 2 we went for versatility – we wanted to create a single compressor for a variety of users and their individual needs. We have developed a dynamic tool that is a joy to work with; combining uncompromised sound with fast results and creative possibilities” Peter Sciri, CTO and co-founder, sonible

smart:comp 2 – key features

  • Automatic compression parametrization with a single click
  • Spectral processing for tonal and dynamic balance
  • Frequency-dependent ducking to create space for the sidechain signal
  • Free-form transfer function and templates for complex compression goals
  • Color and Style dials to change the character of the compression results
  • Automatic output gain, mid/side processing, input level riding, surround sound support…

Regular price: € 129,-
Introduction price (until August 31, 2022): € 89,-