PK Sound T218

PK Sound P218

PK Sound, the robotic line array company, has formally released the T218 intelligent subwoofer. Onboard DSP, class-D amplification, and networking enable auto-identification and configuration within PK .dynamics software through a simple multipin connection. Dual front-loaded, 18” long-excursion transducers in a bass reflex design achieve a peak output of 144dB with an operating range of 25-100 Hz for clean and impactful low-frequency performance.

“The T218 subwoofer represents the culmination of PK Sound’s innovation in low-frequency reproduction, evolving key features from award-winning precursors for unmatched performance and simple, streamlined operation,” comments Jeremy Bridge, CEO and founding partner of PK Sound. “Integrated power electronics, DSP, and auto-identification via .dynamics intuitively simplify deployments, meaning once-complex solutions like cardioid arrays and arc delays are auto-configured in a few mouse clicks with power and headroom to spare.”

T218 features a large, unrestricted vent for high SPLs with minimal port distortion. A single field-replaceable module located on the rear of the cabinet houses the 4,000 W Class D amplifier, control electronics, and power supply.

Auto-identification within .dynamics enhances the efficiency of deployment and calibration while PK Sound’s new v4 DSP presets allow users to dynamically control directivity and further optimize low-frequency response. Crossover points at 70 and 100 Hz ensure seamless full-system performance with Trinity Black and T10 multi-axis line source solutions.

Integrated rigging hardware allows for up to 16 T218s to be flown in a column, or modules can be securely ground-stacked in conventional or cardioid configurations. A low-profile design allows T218 to slide under any stage and efficiently pack for global transport, making it equally suitable for mobile and performance installation applications.

T218 is currently available for sale or for dry-hire rental to Members of the PK Alliance with T10 robotic systems. As a core component of PK Sound’s collaborative infrastructure, T218 has been deployed for high-profile events and tours, including the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas, Forbidden Kingdom, and Lost Lands festivals and country star Dierks Bentley’s current North American tour.