EVE AUDIO SC4070 wins TEC Award

EVEAudio SC4070

Studio monitor specialist EVE Audio announces that the main monitors SC4070 won the prestigious 37th Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Award in the category of studio monitors. The TEC Award is widely recognized as the highest honour dedicated to the pro audio industry, celebrating the best in professional audio and sound reproduction. Finalists were selected from a pool of hundreds of entries and from an international committee.

Designed and assembled in Berlin, Germany, the SC4070 is a high-resolution, four-amplified midfield/main monitor optimized for precise midrange and enhanced powerful bass response. With an eye-catching rotatable centrepiece that houses midrange and tweeter section is SC4070 flexibly suited for vertical and horizontal installations and a perfect work piece for mid to large size control rooms where quality and consistent power output are important variables.

The SC4070 powered studio monitor utilizes two 6,5” low frequency drivers and a 4” glass-fibre honeycomb diaphragm woofer. The latter has been designed to reproduce clear midrange frequencies with utmost detail. Twin woofers allow reducing distortion even on high SPL and deliver an incredibly tight and homogeneous bass down to 32 Hz and a very linear overall response. EVE Audio's proprietary RS3.1 Air Motion Transformer completes the system and reproduces silky-smooth and accurate high frequencies.

“SC4070 was introduced to market in 2021 and has been a highly regarded monitor in our product portfolio from the day we launched it. Winning this prestigious TEC Award marks a peak in our company ´s history for the time being”, comments Roland Stenz, CEO and head of R&D at EVE Audio.