Heritage Audio Súper 8 and OST-8 adat

HeritageAudio Super8 front small
Heritage Audio Súper 8

Heritage Audio announces availability of its Súper 8 - elevating eight-channel workability as a 2U-rack-mountable 8 CHANNEL TRANSFORMER COUPLED CLASS A MIC PREAMP WITH PREMIUM 24 BIT 192K ADC, allowing eight high-quality signals to be recorded into a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) with an ADAT Lightpipe cable, meaning minimal fuss - and OST-8 adat - a 3U rack-mountable, eight-slot 500-Series enclosure, elevating workability with a premium 24-bit/192kHz ADC (analogue-to-digital convertor) creating the cleanest, most direct pathway for sending signals to a DAW using an ADAT Lightpipe cable - as of May 31…

Allowing access to eight channels of Heritage Audio’s acclaimed 73-style preamp with simultaneous conversion using its premium 24-bit/192kHz ADC for the first time in a single standalone device, it has never been easier to capture and convert so many signals from just one piece of equipment. Easier said than done, perhaps, but what a piece the 2U rack-mountable Su´per 8 - an 8 CHANNEL TRANSFORMER COUPLED CLASS A MIC PREAMP WITH PREMIUM 24 BIT 192K ADC, as the wording boldly blazoned across its front panel promotes - actually is. Indeed, its mic/line preamps share the same tried-and-tested, award-winning classic 73 design deployed on the European pro audio manufacturer’s renowned preamps - the same design that thousands of audio professionals simply swear by, thanks to the three-stage Class A preamp involved, including exclusively-designed chunky Carnhill transformers on each INPUT and OUTPUT, as well as tantalum capacitors, combining to ensure that any user reaps the reward of a vintage and vibrant solid sound from a golden era of electronics, albeit now allowing a generous gain of 80dB that is sure to put a smile on their face:

Furthermore, the Súper 8’s preamps come complete with features that audio professionals have come to expect. Each channel has a +48v phantom power- activating button, a LINE button to prepare the INPUT for line level signals, a PHASE button to flip it 180°, and a ‘low cut’ button to produce a -3dB cut at 80Hz. However, the first two channels are also equipped with a LOZ (low impedance) button, which will change the INPUT impedance from 1200O to 300O to provide even more tone-tweaking flexibility; a PAD button to reduce the INPUT by -20dB; Heritage Audio’s acclaimed JFET (junction-gate field-effect transistor) D.I. (direct input); as well as a fully-sweepable low-cut filter - everything anyone could conceivably ask of a professional preamp.

But best of all, Súper 8 incorporates a premium ADC to make sending signals to a DAW as easy as possible. Put it this way: the 24-bit ADC concerned offers selectable sampling frequencies ranging from 44.1kHz to 192kHz, as well as the option of syncing it to external wordclock. With three different digital output options - ADAT/ SMUX, AES/SPDIF, and AES/EBU - available, connecting a Su´per 8 to any audio interface, whether wallet-friendly or otherwise, transforms it into a high-quality professional recording rig.

HeritageAudio Super8 back small
Heritage Audio Súper 8

Perhaps another standout Súper 8 feature that is well worth highlighting here is its ability to have either the direct output from the preamp sent to the ADC or - simply by pushing a button on the front panel - route an external signal to the ADC from a DB25 connector on the back. Because this is selectable per channel, it opens up even more flexibility and options to the user. Ultimately, it allows anyone to use the mic/line preamp and follow it up with some external processing - perhaps some EQ or dynamics - before returning it to Su´per 8 to be converted. It is also perfectly possible to use Su´per 8 as a standalone premium convertor when not using its preamps.

As a 3U rack-mountable enclosure elevating workability while effectively sharing some Súper 8 features, Heritage Audio’s announced-at-the-same-time OST-8 adat readily represents the easiest way to increase an audio interface’s capabilities and incorporate 500-Series modules into a recording and mixing setup by providing a flexible high-quality front end able to accommodate up to eight 500-Series modules - including the most demanding Class-A and vacuum tube designs - and combine them with a built-in premium 24-Bit/192kHz ADC to create the cleanest, most direct pathway for sending signals to a DAW using an ADAT Lightpipe cable.

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Heritage Audio OST-8 adat

OST-8 adat also includes Heritage Audio’s tried-and-tested OS TechnologyTM to guarantee the cleanest, most protected environment for its users’ favoured 500-Series modules - not only offering unmatched filtering and isolation for each slot, but also ensuring the best performance possible as every module is individually isolated and regulated to provide it with its own power supply to ensure that it will perform at its peak potential, unhindered by any other ‘power hungry’ or even faulty modules. Interference is reduced as a result, and many 500-Series devices actually exhibit lower self-noise attributes and better performance when racked in an OST-8 adat enclosure - especially mic preamps.

But beyond that, though, OST-8 adat’s 24-bit/192kHz ADC - also offering selectable sampling frequencies ranging from 44.1kHz to 192kHz - allows it to operate as a master unit or synchronised as a slave to another via a BNC connector with wordclock ensuring a stable conversion. Out of the box, OST-8 adat is ready to use as a top-tier eight-channel convertor, with the possibility of gradually adding a collection of 500-Series modules to create a unique recording or mixing rig. Notably neat is its ability to individually decide - on a per-channel basis - whether the signal being converted and sent to the DAW comes directly from the corresponding input (non-processed signal) by selecting IN, after the 500-Series module (processed signal) by selecting OUT, or from an external source by selecting EXT. It is perfectly possible, therefore, to send the processed signal out to another processor and then return it to OST-8 adat so it can be digitally converted and sent to the DAW - especially useful, for instance, if some external EQ or compression for more control is required before being digitally converted. That those three selectable sources are available for each of the eight convertors is a seemingly small detail, yet one that can clearly make a big difference to anyone knee-deep in a mix or time-sensitive session.

HeritageAudio OST 8 adat vista 2 v2 back small
Heritage Audio OST-8 adat

Sturdily built like all Heritage Audio products - Súper 8 included, obviously, OST-8 adat incorporates high-quality gold-plated XLR connectors as well as duplicating all INPUTS and OUTPUTS on DB25 connectors for added convenience, an admirable attribute further reflected in its welcomed inclusion of a new LINK feature, allowing users to internally connect a Series-500 module’s output to an adjacent Series-500 module’s input instantly at the push of a button - no need to use patch cables.

Clearly, then, Heritage Audio has succeeded in elevating eight-channel workability with its direct DAW-connecting Su´per 8 preamp and OST-8 adat 500-Series enclosure. Either will surely succeed in elevating any recording and mixing setup, should anyone add either product - or, better still, both of them - to their setup.

Súper 8 and OST-8 adat are both shipping and available via Heritage Audio’s growing global network of dealers with an SSP (Standalone Selling Price) of €4,399.00 EUR and €1,099.00 EUR in the EU, respectively, and a price of $3,999.00 USD and $999.00 USD, respectively, US distribution being handled via RAD Distribution.