MARIAN Clara D and Clara Dmaj

Reliable PCIe audio systems for professional applications

marian clarad plus
Marian Clara D+

Clara is a new generation of digital audio systems by MARIAN. While Clara D sports four AES/EBU ports with 16 channels, Clara Dmaj is equipped with 32 audio channels for large setups.

Clara D and Clara Dmaj expand the MARIAN portfolio by two PCIe audio solutions that pack a large amount of inputs and outputs in a compact format. Clara D features 16 audio channels via four AES/EBU interfaces realized through a single D-Sub connector, which limits the system’s space requirements to a single PCIe slot. Sister model Clara Dmaj expands the system’s capacity to eight AES/EBU ports for a total of 32 audio channels. The additional connections are realized via another D-Sub connector on a second slot bracket. As there are no additional electronics, this second interface can be mounted independently from the main card, making its installation particularly flexible. Both Clara D and Clara Dmaj feature a Wordclock input to accurately synch them to the central clock of a larger system.

In addition to flexibility and reliability, the major focus of MARIAN when developing audio solutions is on outstanding signal integrity and sound quality fit for even the most discerning broadcast specifications. Accordingly, Clara D and Clara Dmaj employ an ultra-precise clocking generator. With jitter below one nanosecond, the Clara system clock is more precise than many external Wordclock generators. The new MARIAN solutions support sampling rates up to 192 kHz at 24 bits, enabling audiophile reference quality and a dynamic range of 144 dB.

Combining various digital sources in one system requires a common sample rate for all signals. With the Clara solutions, MARIAN offers real-time sample rate conversion for every channel. Whether the inputs are fed with 48 kHz film sound or 96 kHz high-resolution audio – the Clara system losslessly merges all these audio streams and processes them with the accurate timing of its own internal clock generator.

marian claradmaj plus
Marian Clara Dmaj+

The Clara solutions feature the powerful virtual mixing environment called the “Beast”, established with the Seraph audio systems. At 64 input channels and eight output busses, the Beast integrates analogue and digital interfaces as well as internal DAW signals. All input channels are equipped with four-band EQs reminiscent of high-quality analogue consoles in both their intuitive controls and their sound. The output busses can be configured as pre or post fader and even pre or post EQ, making them perfectly suitable for a large number of different use cases. With a resolution of 52 bits, internal overload is practically impossible. All Beast functionality is processed latency-free on the MARIAN systems’ DSPs, leaving the host computer’s resources free for other tasks.

From home recording studios to broadcast stations – a Clara system is practically limitless in its scalability. Multiple Clara solutions in a system automatically synchronize through the proprietary MARIAN TDM bus, behaving like one collective system towards ASIO applications. Signals from Seraph cards can also be seamlessly integrated through the Beast mixer.

Both Clara D and Clara Dmaj are available as MWX versions, rendering them even more versatile when it comes to large installations and music production environments. The additional Wordclock/Superclock output of the MWX versions allows for the synchronization of external digital devices to the ultra-precise MARIAN clock, enabling large setups to achieve immaculate sound with absolute reliability. For seamless integration of electronic instruments and external controllers, the MWX expansion also provides two MIDI inputs and outputs.

MARIAN Clara D and Clara Dmaj PCIe audio systems are available immediately from specialist retailers and via The prices are:

  • Clara D: 639,00 EUR
  • Clara Dmaj: 929,00 EUR
  • Clara D MWX: 719,00 EUR
  • Clara Dmaj MWX: 1.098,00 EUR