Van Damme Cable PPE56 Purple Patch

Analoge High-End Patchbay

VanDamme Purple Patch front

There's an old saying that goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."  But sometimes a little update or even a rethink is not a bad idea. The basic operation of patchbays, whose basic design is over 100 years old, it is safe to say that the basic idea of audio patchbays is very solid in the true sense of the word. Nevertheless, modern technologies and manufacturing techniques mean that it is still possible to make great improvements to a solid design.

Van Damme Cable spent two years developing a modern and innovative patchbay based on feedback from their own customers, as well as working closely with the Pro Audio installation team "Langdale Technical" and famous UK console manufacturers.

The PPE56 Purple Patch offers fully programmable normalling options inclusive full-normalling, half-normalling, parallel and no normalling settings while the patches remain terminated. Each patch connection offers an individual grounding selection. This allows the grounding of each individual patch connection to be adjusted and optimized for unbalanced signals, as well as audio signals with phantom power.

At the front panel there are 2 x 48 Bantam 110 Ohm impedance jacks - 48 inputs and 48 outputs. At the rear there are 2 x 3 EDAC 56 sockets (16 channels per socket) whose pinouts comply with current industry standards. The inscriptions on the front panel are engraved by laser. The front panel labeling is freely configurable. Here the position of the labels, text and text color can be freely decided.

VanDamme Purple Patch back

To wire the EDAC connectors with systems, Van Damme Cable offers 16-channel EDAC Multicore cables (optional). Besides EDAC 56 to EDAC 56 and EDAC 56 to VDM 54 multipin connectors, these can also be freely configured as multi-looms. For each pair of the multicore cable, a choice can be made between XLR, TS, TRS (6.3mm and 3.5mm), gauge, phono and bantam jacks from the Neutrik, Switchcraft or Van Damme Cable brands. Furthermore, the length of the cable and the length of the tails can be freely decided. So even cable lengths of 540 cm, for example, are possible.

Van Damme Cable's experience in product development for Marines and the Eurofighter is also reflected in the chassis. Thus, the quality and robustness of the chassis meets current standards of the military and aircraft industry.  The chassis of the PPE56 Patchbay is made of steel and aluminum. The front panel can be easily removed, allowing quick access to the screwed sockets at the front. In addition to the chassis itself, the jacks with 30,000 mating cycles, as well as the plug-in cards are enormously robust. Every Purple Patch, and every channel of the PPE56 is fully electronically tested before delivery.Gone are the days when short circuits have to be traced back to the slot

Van Damme Cable PPE56 Purple Patch is handmade by Van Damme Cable in London. It is primarily aimed at high-end recording studios, opera houses and broadcasting houses. The PPE56 is available to order now from all authorized Van Damme Cable dealers. The manufacturer's price is EUR 2,590.