Vienna Symphonic Library Now Using iLok

The Vienna Symphonic Library is excited to announce their transition from the eLicenser platform to PACE’s iLok License Management system. Starting today, all of the company’s library and software products can only be authorized through iLok. Customers have the option to choose between activating their registered products on the iLok Key or in the iLok Cloud without a physical USB key.

To celebrate this important transition, the Austrian company offers discounts on all of their products, across the entire catalog. To help customers with the conversion of their licenses and products to iLok, Vienna’s software developers have created the Vienna Assistant, a software tool that makes downloading and installing products easy and convenient. To prevent congestion, Vienna Symphonic Library is managing the conversion of its users’ licenses to iLok in stages, like boarding a plane in groups. Priority will be given to users who purchase now or have purchased recently.

eLicenser authorized software and library products will keep on working on existing systems. Existing Vienna Protection Plans that cover eLicensers will continue to be active for the rest of their term. Customers can use their eLicenser licenses as long as they like, and as long as the eLicenser Control Center and the latest available eLicenser compatible VSL software and libraries are running under their computers’ operating systems.

Once Steinberg’s eLicenser License Server shuts down, license downloads to and license transfers between ViennaKeys/USB eLicensers will no longer be possible. But even after the eLicenser License Server has gone, users will be able to use Vienna’s eLicenser authorized products on their computers, with their USB eLicenser plugged in.

However, it is not possible to use both the eLicenser and the iLok version of a software application (e.g., Vienna Synchron Player) on the same computer. Therefore Vienna Symphonic Library recommends to convert all registered Vienna products to iLok as soon as possible.