Eventide Complete Sonic Universe Anthology XII Bundle

Eventide AnthologyXII plug ins only small

For more than 50 years, Eventide Audio has released audio hardware and software, developing legendary sound processing tools while constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of technology. With the introduction of the new Anthology XII plug-in bundle, Eventide draws on that rich legacy of award-winning and groundbreaking effects to combine 33 essential music production mainstays in one package for DAW users, inspiring creativity and providing problem-solving solutions to ubiquitous sound production problems.

A comprehensive and creative toolkit for music producers, mixers and artists alike, the Anthology XII bundle spans five decades of Eventide innovation, from their latest offerings (the revolutionary Structural Effects plug-ins SplitEQ and Physion, which can modernize workflows through the application of transient/tonal splitting technology) to authentic emulations of Eventide processing mainstays such as the iconic H910, H949 and H3000 Harmonizer, Instant Phaser, Instant Flanger, Omnipressor and the legendary reverbs of the SP2016. Also included are other one-of-a-kind tools like Tony Visconti’s Tverb, the powerful CrushStation overdrive/distortion command center and the unique Octavox eight-voice diatonic pitch shift Harmonizer, as well as the radical sound manipulation of Blackhole and Undulator.

The meticulously curated flagship Anthology XII invites the exploration of sonic spaces “from rooms to eternity” with the inclusion of seven distinct and versatile reverbs. Sounds can be thickened and layered with signature pitch effects like Crystals and MicroPitch, while singular delay multi-effects like UltraTap and Undulator provide creative depth control. Smooth track sweetening is offered through TriceraChorus and Quadravox, while the distortion multi-effects CrushStation and MangledVerb promise sonic “heft and grit.”

More than 4500 presets, including artist presets, are included across all of Anthology XII’s plug-ins. What’s more, sweepable transition effects can be designed through the addition of the H9 series plug-ins’ RIBBON slider. 

The Eventide Anthology XII Bundle for macOS and Windows supports VST, AAX and AU plug-in protocols will retail for $1999 (USD MSRP) but is available immediately for an introductory price of $799 through April 30, 2022. Upgrades available.